Review: Knitting With Rainbows – Carol Feller

I can put away my wallet for just about anything but a good book.
Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing some of my favourite fall releases. 


Gradient yarns are everywhere!  And we are spoiled with a myriad of choices…handpainted single skein gradients, cake dyed single skein gradients and mini skein sets like our own Tornadoz. Some colour shifts are subtle; some dramatic. We are seduced by the possibilities for the colours, but often paralyzed by choice.

This is where Knitting With Rainbows comes in. Carol Feller’s new book is a manual for breaking down what kind of gradient you have in your hands, and which techniques work best to show off the colour shifts to their best advantage.

Carol guides us through different types of gradients, how they’re constructed and then matches each one up with techniques that shows it off magically. A handy chart guides you through looking for techniques that work best with the gradient you have in your hands, while using patterns in the book as examples. Each chapter guides you expertly through a different technique, including “yarn management” tips that help you make the colours in your gradient flow smoothly through the entire project.

In fact, those tips alone are plenty. At this point in my knitting life, I am deeply attracted to books that teach me new things. Teach me techniques. Inspire me to be more creative. Just as a technique manual, this book will live with others that I reach for often.

But the patterns!



Stave Hat borrows its inspiration from the Bohus tradition. Combining texture and subtle shifts in a simple colour pattern with a dramatic effect.





Probys artfully combines a mini skein gradient with a slipped stitch pattern that uses the gradient to every inch of it’s advantage. Whether using a subtle gradient, or a set of colours cobbled from yarn scraps in your stash, these are a wonderful “go to” gift project.




Mardyke takes my breath away. Shifting the fabric on its axis, shifts the colours was well. I love the juxtaposition of the angles of the fabric/colour vs the lace. It keeps my eye moving and appreciating every inch.



Knitting With Rainbows is an excellent addition to your library and suitable gift for adventurous knitters of any level. Purchase directly from Carol on her website in both digital and print/digital formats, or Ravelry (digital only)

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