The Yarn Pool (Club Bursary Fund)


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For custom amounts, purchase multiples(3 x $25 for $75) or email orders@indigodragonfly.ca & we will create one for you.

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Product Description

We’ve started a little fund to help knitter’s who need a little help joining our Clubs. It’s one more way we try to make our Clubs as accessible as possible to everyone who wants to join. For every contribution, Indigodragonfly will also make a contribution to the fund.

Want to contribute?

  1. Choose the amount you wish to contribute.
  2. Leave us a note at checkout if you wish the funds to go to someone specific.
  3. Let us know whether you would like your recipient to know who helped them or not.
  4. Purchase!

Other details:

  1. Nominations for recipients should be emailed to us at orders@indigodragonfly.ca. Let us know why you are nominating them.
  2. An intended recipient needs to accept the scholarship when offered to them. If they refuse the scholarship, funds will go back into the fund. If you wish your funds to be returned to you when this happens, please indicate this in the notes for your order and we’ll be happy to do so. Otherwise, the money will stay in the fund until it’s needed again.