SAK/WD 9 Revamp: Photo/Synthesis

SAK/WD 9: Photo/Synthesis

After 8 years of running the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club the same way every year, we. are. bored. This year, we want to shake things up. Way up. We want to be inspired, and we want you to be as well.

One photograph. Four dyers. Four colourways. One unique club.

How it works:

Before each shipment, we will call for photo submissions that will inspire the dyeing for that round of club. We will narrow down the photos submitted to 3 images and ask you, our club members, to vote for the one you would like us to interpret in the dye pots.

Each shipment will have four different unique colourways, each inspired by the winning photograph. All dyeing techniques, known and unknown, are up for grabs. Semi-solids and tonals. Variegated yarns and speckles. Who knows what our little brains will come up with (insert maniacal laughter HERE)!!

The details:

4 shipments per club year (2 shipments CaribouBaa and 2 shipments of Chameleon Sock). Each shipment, you will receive one of the four colourways that has been dyed. You will also receive notes from each dyer as to what inspired them to create the colourway as well as pattern suggestions for each colourway. At some point during the club year, you will also receive an exclusive project bag designed and created for the club.


Basic 1 skein membership: 1 skein per shipment (4 skeins per year + project bag)=$144 plus taxes and shipping

Basic 2 skein membership: 2 skeins per shipment (8 skeins per year + project bag)=$258 plus taxes and shipping

Add more skeins to your membership for $114 for each additional skein (4 skeins per year).


Will I be able to pick which dyer I receive yarn from? No.

Can I have all of my skeins be the same colourway or will they all be different? You can choose whether you are receiving skeins that are the same or different.

What if I don’t like my skein? You will be able to exchange your skein for another random skein of our choosing from the same shipment.

Will you still be offering mystery skeins? No.

Will the colourways be repeatable? Will I be able to order them? Yes. As a club member, you will be able to order any of the current or past SAK colours just like you normally would.

Will you be offering artisan swag? No. Instead, we are going to carry more accessories as regular stock on our website and in our shop, allowing you to pick and choose what you want for your collection. This will also allow us to highlight more artisans.

When are sign ups? Club sign ups will start Feb. 14th and run until Feb. 28, 2018.

If you have other questions or concerns about the club, please email us at with the subject line: Photo/Synthesis BEFORE signing up for the club.

We hope that you will join us for this new adventure….

~Kim, Ron, Victoria, Marit, Kelsey, Oz, and Jessie.

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