Minden Flood Relief 2017

Hi All,

In 2013, several communities in our county were unfortunately subjected to flooding as lakes and rivers north of us released their spring snow thaw/runoff, forcing many area families to evacuate their homes. The rebuilding process took months and cost several millions of dollars.

Although many improvements were made to the local watershed and houses, Mother Nature decided 2017 needed a repeat of 2013’s disaster.

Four years ago, in order to raise funds to help people put their homes and lives back together, we dyed a Special Edition yarn entitled Canoe Up To The Beer Store, (an activity one could actually do at the height of the flooding), and donated profits to the county’s Flood Relief campaign.

This time around, what we’ve decided to do instead of a special colourway is to have a One-day only Sale – Friday May 26, 2017 – of existing yarn stock, excluding Clubs and Kits, with 25% of the day’s sales going to the Minden Food Bank, a local charitable organization in the heart of the affected communities. (see linked News Release: HERE)

The Sale will be from 12:01 am eastern standard time to 11:59 pm e.s.t. on FRIDAY MAY 26, 2017. When ordering, use the coupon code minden2017 at checkout to apply the 25% discount. If you would prefer to make a straight donation, or add a monetary donation to your order, the donation button can be found here: https://www.indigodragonfly.ca/shop/minden-flood-relief-donation-only/

Some of the waterways have started to recede in the past few days, but we’re expecting an upcoming week with potential rain almost every day, plus the waterways north of us that flow through our area are still at dangerously high levels, so more flooding is a real threat.

The clean-up has just started, so we want to do our part for our community. We hope you can join us on May 26. The world could stand to have a few more helping hands these days.

For a further look at the flood issues in our community, you can check out the local newspaper’s website, the Minden Times: Minden Times

Thank you for your continued support of our business and our community.

-Kim, Ron, Victoria, Marit, and Kelsey

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