Dear Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

You’ve met Victoria, right? Victoria is our Sidekick.

Victoria nice

Look at that face! So lovely and smiley and nice…right?


Victoria is EVIL. How evil you ask? Well that’s a long story. Got coffee? (Right. Forgot who I’m talking to for a moment)

You more than anyone else knows that every year we fundraise for The Friends for Life Bike Rally‘s Team Knit. We’re usually pretty quiet about it, putting aside $1 from the sale of every skein of a base or colourway that we choose and matching that amount with Otis Foundation funds (Did you know that $1 from every skein we’ve sold…ever…is put aside for charities, non-profits and to help individuals that need a helping hand?)

So we asked you whether you have any colour holes in your stash.


(I know)

But it turns out that you have one very large colour deficiency. Purple.

So purple it is.

Except that apparently I made the brownest purple ever in the first test pot:


So there was immediately a second test pot:


And then I asked the internet: A or B?


And the internet, being it’s chaotic self, tried to convince me both were necessary. Actually it was Twitter. It t

That’s where Victoria comes in.

“Well, they’re both very nice,” she said. Nope. There can be one.

“But look at them…so pretty,” she said. Are you trying to kill me? One colourway. We can do one.

And then this look…

Victoria evil

“You could stripe them together in a sweater and call it Dopamine Inhibitor,” she cackled.


So you’re getting 2 fundraising colourways this year. And apparently I’m getting a new sweater.

Tour de Frak (A) order here

IMG_7167 IMG_3709

I Am a Tricycle on the Wind… (B) order here

IMG_7164  IMG_3710

And yes, the colour shifts in different lights. Photos above on a cloudy day (left) and on a sunny day (right)

Kim and Ron

PS: One more parting shot from Victoria: “The sweater will go really well with my boots.”





  1. VirginiaKnits says:

    I LOVE the brown purple-and the purple purple. Different moods of my favorite color. yay ! Off to pick a pattern before I order.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love both colorways, even the brownish purple is pretty.

  3. Jennifer Scott says:

    Brownie purple is GLORIOUS!! 🙂

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