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Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination 7: Louie vs. Oz

Sign ups now open

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Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club 7: Louie vs. Oz Edition

Monthly payment options can be found on the listing page for each item, and include an admin fee.

The Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Yarn Club Mark VII. This year, with a twist.

Are you ready??

Oz: cute, fluffy, soft, and well, pretty simple.

Louie: refined palette/sophisticated; complicated, but with champagne undertones.

So what happens when we let Oz and Louie commandeer the system join forces to choose yarns for the SAK/WD Club? Absolutely no way of agreeing with each other.

So this year, you get yarn choices.  Team Oz. Team Louie. Which will you choose? (spoilers at links)

All the Club features you’ve come to love are back: breath defying colours, patterns from  favourite designers, and all those special details that make this the most fun we have in the dyepot. And yes, you can get both sets of yarn bases. Order a basic package and extra skeins from different teams and you have it all.


Basic Club package:

Shipments in June, August, October, December 2016, February and April 2017 (half year: June/August/October 2016 only)

Each packages contains:

  • YARN: 1 skein (100-115g) of Team Oz or Team Louie yarn, hand dyed  in exclusive colourways.
  • PATTERNS:  2 patterns for each package (exclusive to Club members for 6 months). Patterns will be for 2 different items, 2 different yarn bases. Some may offer options for larger sizes using 2 skeins. Patterns are designed to introduce you to new designers and give you a range of techniques and projects to play with. You may find some lace, some cables, some colourwork…expect the unexpected!
  • PROJECT BAG:  designed and silk screened exclusively for the Club (1 bag per membership)


Extra Club Skeins:  extra skeins in the exclusive Club colourway may be added to your Club package, allowing you to make knit both patterns or to make larger versions of some items (i.e.: scarves, shawls). You can order Team Oz or Team Louie or both extra skein packages. For example, if you want all 12 yarn bases, order Team Oz as your basic package and Team Louie for extra skeins. Perfect for those who want it all.

Mystery Skeins:  For those who just can’t get enough! Mystery skeins are completely random skeins chosen for you and put in your package. They are equivalent in value to the yarns in the package you choose (Oz Mystery vs Louie Mystery) and can be any weight or colour. (We provide a survey that will let us know your colour blahs)

Yarn Winding Service: You may ask for your yarn to be wound in a cake for $2.50 per skein (proceeds set aside for our Otis Houndation)

Artisan Swag (full year members only):   You can sign up for 1 larger gift to come in one of your packages, instead of several smaller ones.  What will it be? A surprise.  But here’s a hint: it will handmade by an artisan and it could be any one of these — shawl pin, buttons, project or tool bag, textile related mug or other dishware, needles.

♥ Membership Benefits:

  • Club members can order Club colourways to be dyed on any base they choose, in any amounts. (Note: these are for personal use only…not to be sold to others) Club colourways will only be available to Club members and will not be released to the general public.  New Club members, however, are welcome to custom order past colours as long as they are members.
  • Full Year members only: Those who pay in full will have the option of having their patterns delivered to their Ravelry library for the duration of their membership
  • special offers throughout the Club year, exclusive to Club members only

All prices are in Canadian funds and include shipping.
Prices reflect the value of the yarn bases and extras chosen for the Club, actual shipping costs and the exclusivity of the colours. Remember: these will not be available to non-members at any time.

Basic Club
6 packages – total of 6 skeins of yarn
Ontario/US $306 (Oz) or $345 (Louie) | $31/$34 per month (monthly payments)
Canada/International $321 (Oz) or $360 (Louie) | $33/$36 per month (monthly payments)

3 packages – total of 3 skeins of yarn
Ontario/US $170 (Oz) or $197 (Louie) | $31/$34 per month (monthly payments)
Canada/International $179 (Oz) or $205 (Louie) | $31/$34 per month (monthly payments)

Extra Skeins & Mystery Skeins:
*Extra skeins: 1 extra skein per month, in your choice of Team Oz or Team Louie
*Mystery skeins: 1 random mystery skein, similar in value to your choice of Team Oz or Team Louie yarns

Ontario/US: $85 (Oz)/ $112 (Louie) – 3 shipments | $187 (Oz)/ $230 (Louie) – 6 shipments
Canada/International: $89 (Oz)/ $116 (Louie) – 3 shipments | $195 (Oz)/ $238 (Louie) – 6 shipments

Artisan Swag:  $60
(6 shipment/full year members only; no monthly option available)

Please note: There are no refunds on Clubs for any reason.
Feel free to ask us as many questions as you wish before signing up, but once you’ve signed up, you’ve committed to membership.

3) TERMS & FAQ’s

Subscribing to the Club means that you agree to monthly payments withdrawn from your Paypal account for the duration of the Club, unless you have paid in full or have made other arrangements for payment.

You must ensure that your mailing address in Paypal is correct.  If you move at any point between June 1, 2016 and April 15, 2017, please inform us of your address change as soon as possible by emailing us with your new address.  We must have your new address at least 15 days prior to a Club shipment to ensure it is sent to the correct address.

There are no returns on Club memberships. If you choose the monthly payment option and cancel your Club membership through Paypal, we will continue shipping packages until the value of your payments to date is used up. No refund will be issued for partial payments. If a monthly payment fails, we will make a reasonable attempt to contact you by email (at least two times). If payment can not be resolved at that point, we will cancel your participation in the club and no refund will be made for partial club shipments. (for example, if you are paid up for the June shipment, but not for August, we will ship the June package but hold the August package until full payment is received). If you discover an issue with your Paypal account, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve your account with us. You assume responsibility for packages delivered to the wrong address, if your address is incorrect in Paypal, if you have sent us the wrong address by email or if you have not given us sufficient notice (minimum 15 days prior to a Club shipment date) to change your address in our system.


What is this?
A yarn club with patterns and options! Each package will contain 1 skein of indigodragonfly yarn and 2 patterns for that yarn.  Colourways are exclusive to Club members only and will never be available to the general public.  Packages will be shipped every second month.

How many packages/how long is the commitment?
Packages will arrive every 2 months, so you’ll receive 6 packages if you sign up for the full year club, and 3 packages if you sign up for the half year club.  You can opt to pay monthly, or pay for the whole club at once at a significant discount.  Packages can ship within the shipment month.

When do sign ups start?
The Club will be open for subscriptions starting on February 14, 2016 and will be open for 3 weeks (or until we’ve reached our full capacity)

When do shipments start?

June 2016 will be the first shipment. Shipments will follow every second month April 2017 for full year club members, or October 2016 for half year club members.

Will you ship to Canada?
We ship everywhere. In some, very rare cases, we may need to charge an additional shipping fee for some countries. If this is the case, we will contact you directly about this, and give you options.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us directly at orders AT