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Happy Giftapalooza Day!!!

Okay, so you’re all up by now, and the tree/bush/present presenting unit have all been cleaned out, so it’s probably safe to present 2015’s Giftapalooza Line-Up O’ Fun. Enjoy!!!

Yes Virginia, there are a few duplicates, but they’re in different bases so that’s okay.

(all names are from left to right)


(Chameleon Sock)

Grinch Mob

Arrestor, The Long-Arm Law & Order Donkey

Mistletoe: Yet Another Zombie Brain Detection System

Wingit, Flingit, Hurley, Zippy, Datsun, Goner & Lost – The Strike Scab Sleigh Crew


(Chameleon Sock)

Tryptophan Girl

Opening Presents – The Original Wrap Music

Bob Scratchitt, the Lottery-Addicted Clerk

Frosty’s Salty Dilemma


(Chameleon Sock)

Surface-To-Air Missiletoe

South Pole Ripoff – Slanta & his 8 Tiny Uneven Penguins

Cricket Loom On The Hearth

Two Turtle Doves, An Inter-Species Love Story


(Chameleon Sock)

Like Milk For Cookies

Chardonnaytivity Scene

Mule Log

Rude Olph, the Rock Steady Reindeer


(Chameleon Sock)

Frosty’s Eyes: Coming Soon To A Stocking Near You!

Teen Stoner, With A Corn Cob Pipe, In The Basement

…because ponies are filthy thieves, dear…

Acrylic: The Coal of Yarn


(Chameleon Sock)

More Braindeer!!!

Joe, the Little Strummer Boy


(Chaingeling DK)

Toy Recall Story – Scariest. Elf. Film. Ever.

Unfortunate Holiday Typo #23: The Island of Misfed Toes

Carollers Singing Moorre Brainsss…Nope, Don’t Know That One…

Naked Firemen Advent Calendar


(Sheepshifter DK)

Mi’fit Toyz in th’ Hood

My Other Sleigh Is A TARDIS

Rudolph’s Shiny New Hip Flask

Melony Rickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Holiday Jumpers


(Sheepshifter DK)

A Vacuum Cleaner – Honey, You Shouldn’t Have. Really.

I Brake For Stuffing

And The Dreidel Will Rock (ed. note: you will no longer be able to sing the Van Halen song properly ever again)

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Gifty Re-Gifty Stuff


(Sheepshifter DK)

Mrs. Snowman Has Had Another Carrot Job, I See…

David Bowie + Bing Crosby = David Crosby


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Red Suit, White Belt…Santa is Herb Tarlek!

You And Whose Hermey??

Prudeolph, The Anal-Retentive Reindeer

A Vacuum Cleaner – Honey, You Shouldn’t Have. Really.


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Candy Cane Toads

Mule Log

Oye Snow Mo Va, by Carlos Santa Na

One Red Ribbon Does Not A Lingerie Item Make


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Cricket Loom On the Hearth

Arrestor, The Long-Arm Law & Order Donkey

Jet Engine + GPS = Reindeer Redundancy

Randy’s Snowsuit Blues


(Chameleon Sock)

Grinch Worm

Global Warming: Elf Plot for More Days Off

(Sheepshifter DK)

Thistletoe: The Scottish Aphrodisiac

Beauty And The Roast Beast


Okay, that’s it for now. The Schmenge Brother’s Have A Very Merry Leutonian Christmas special is about to start, so gotta go. Oz says arf!