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Mmmmm…..Sweater Club Goodness…..Ummmmm…..

Are you a fan of Special Edition, One-Of-A-Kind colourways? Well, then tonight’s post is for YOU!!!

Once or twice a year, we open up the yarn vaults and see what has been accumulating. Since we really like our Sweater Club members, we tend to dye an extra skein or two or five (and even the odd extra full dye lot) of their Club colours. These skeins were put up for grabs for the Club members to thumb-wrestle over, and now they’re up for sale for EVERYONE to scoop!!!

But you may ask, “where the h-e-double toothpicks are they??”


Head on over to the Shop page, click on shop by Yarns, and then click on Special Edition yarns. The Sweater Club goodies will be the skeins with their yarn base in parenthesis beside the yarn name. And if you’re curious, the yarn names are either the original Club members’ musical alter ego, or the ones that start with the word ‘What’ are the answers to unknown questions from an alternate universe version of the TV game show Jeopardy. Sort of. Alex Trebek, Time Traveller.

Okay, enough e-chatter, go forth and open up a can of yarn liberation! Enjoy!!!