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Yarn Update – California Schemin’

As promised/warned, we’re out in Californ-i-yay this week hanging out at the Make. Wear. Love retreat, and have some goodies ready to roll for ya! Since we’re here for just a couple of days, we’ll be shipping out any orders from here tomorrow, the idea being the less we have to ship back to ourselves in Canucklandia the better, so why not? It’s what old-timers call a Grand Scheme, or was it a Turtleneck Jalopy, or a Roosevelt Steamer, I forget. Anyway…

Since we’ve gotten a few new items come merrily merrily merrily down the stream (by stream, we mean ocean), it’s time to turn them loose upon this Brave Current World. Aside from a few stragglers, today’s update is chock-full of Special Editions and some Gradient sets!!! Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Okay, enough literary flotsam, on to the update!!! Enjoy!!!

All today’s goodness can be quickly accessed via the NEW page in our website shop.


PLEASE NOTE: Joe P’enguin says that since this is a stand-alone sale and yarn will be shipped tomorrow and is not being combined with any other orders, the Club Shipping option should not be used – you need to choose Regular Shipping. If you do choose Club Shipping we’ll send the yarn out tomorrow as scheduled and invoice for the difference.