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Creativity is a Muscle


It’s a magical talent that suddenly appears out of the blue.  A lightning bolt. That only comes to a very few chosen ones.

Like it couldn’t happen to you.

Well that’s a myth.

The truth is that creativity is a muscle. It needs to be exercised. It needs to be fed. Every. Single. Day.

It needs to try a million and one “meh” ideas before focusing in on the one really fantastic and brilliant one that makes you feel like you have super powers and keeps you up at night.  It’s learning how to recognize the idea that should be followed and how to take it down the path that turns it into your next favourite finished object.

Creativity is not just for making beautiful things. It’s about solving problems by looking at them from different angles…perfect skills for fixing your knitting errors or finding solutions for running out of yarn, modifying patterns, adjusting for gauge and so much more.  It’s about learning to truly understand how stitch patterns work and how to adapt them. It’s about gaining colour confidence and learning to trust your instincts.

It’s about learning what makes you stop yourself from trying new ideas and skills, and giving you skills to take your ideas to the next level.

When asked what former students most wanted to learn from me, the most common answer is always “I want to understand what happens in your brain.”

Well now you can.  Come take the workshop on March 28, and see what’s inside your brain too:

Inside Kim’s Brain at Shall We Knit, Waterloo Ontario.  Register here

(There are also still spots in Short Row Insanity. All Optical Delusion classes are sold out, waiting list only.)


Stained Fingers Dye Camp 2015

Come to the Indigodragonfly studio and spend a week frolicking with yarn, fibre and colour.

Dye Camp August full2015 Stained Finger Dye Camp Application


June 15 – 18 (with optional June 19 Open Studio day) – 4 spots left

July 20 – 23 (with optional July 24 Open Studio day) – 1 spot left

August 10 -13 (with optional August 14 Open Studio day) – waiting list

What is Dye Camp?

  • 4 day course, starting with basic dyeing techniques, and allowing for lots of playing and experimentation. Learn how to mix colours and repeat results consistently. Learn a variety of dyeing techniques including kettle dyeing, hand painting, ombre dyeing, dyeing gradations, experimental techniques and more.
  • maximum 10 students per course, with very individual instruction and direction. (so if 4 people want to work on entirely different ideas? It can be done) This course is equivalent to private lessons, with lots of one-on-one instruction
  • returning students are welcome! We will spend some time with you to talk about what you’d like to work on in your time here. Consider it a week of guided individual study.

Our studio in Haliburton ON (approximately 2.5 – 3 hours north of Toronto)

$500 course and materials (+HST)
Additional Studio Day (optional) $75 + HST

A number of payment options will be made available to you. (monthly, deferred payment, pay now now now!) Indicate your preference on your application.

Yarn (with the exception of yarn for samples) is not included in the material fee. Yarn may be purchased from us or you may choose to bring your own. Please do not bring yarn from other dyers to “overdye” (out of respect for their work). A price list will be provided early so that you’re aware of what’s available to you and how much to budget.

Travel and accommodation is your responsibility. There are B&B’s, motels, a bigger hotel and some small cottage resorts/rental cottages, etc. We even have a small space right at the studio available for rent. We will send you information about local accommodation, along with recommendations and information about local amenities. We can also link you with other students who wish to share accommodation and travel.

If you have further questions prior to registration, please ask here or email me directly at