The invasion.

Giftapalooza? Yes. Sign ups are still on. (but going fast!)


Remember these guys?

robot squirrels innocent

Look at their innocent faces and perky little ears…they can’t possibly be up to…


Apparently they’ve received mail from Erin Wilk, their evil overlord.


Plans. And instructions. To create their Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel Army.

Finished Squirrels

(May wool have mercy on our souls)

Wanna help?

Make your own Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie (or not-so-Zombie) Squirrel Pouch

(Yes. There’s a kit.  An exclusive, only available here (for now) kit and pattern set)

The kit contains:

squirrel kit w finished squirrels

  • enough Merino Sock to make 1 pouch
  • zipper in a coordinating colour
  • artisan-made ceramic heart (button) made by Erin’s very talented Mum
  • PDF pattern emailed to your door (if you purchase more than one kit, the price of the pattern will be refunded for additional kits)

(fabulous spokes-CCMZSoD not included)

There are lots of colours available (confuse the masses with huepalooza!) and yes, they all have names.


The leg options alone make me lose my mind.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.34.27 PM

Wait till you see what you can do to the tail!

Collect them all!  Fill them with ALL THE THINGS! (really. they need to be fed to stay upright)



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