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Yarn Update Nov. 27/13 – Stuff!


Okay, so here’s today’s goodness! For shopping, go to the SHOP button and pick the NEW category. For quick reference, here’s the gallery of today’s fun:

If you click on the individual pictures, it’ll give you the colour name and base.

Okay, Enjoy!!!


Repeatable Squirrels

Well, that was fast! 🙂

There are a couple of Squirrel pouch kits left, with more coming next week. (If you’re at Shall We Knit at our trunk show this weekend, we’ll have plenty with us!)

To hold you over, I thought it would be fun to post the repeatable Squirrel colours/names.

The Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom pouches:

Finished Squirrels

Body colours/names:

The invasion.

Giftapalooza? Yes. Sign ups are still on. (but going fast!)


Remember these guys?

robot squirrels innocent

Look at their innocent faces and perky little ears…they can’t possibly be up to…


Apparently they’ve received mail from Erin Wilk, their evil overlord.


Plans. And instructions. To create their Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrel Army.

Finished Squirrels

(May wool have mercy on our souls)

Wanna help?

Make your own Cute and Cuddly Mutant Zombie (or not-so-Zombie) Squirrel Pouch

(Yes. There’s a kit.  An exclusive, only available here (for now) kit and pattern set)

The kit contains:

squirrel kit w finished squirrels

  • enough Merino Sock to make 1 pouch
  • zipper in a coordinating colour
  • artisan-made ceramic heart (button) made by Erin’s very talented Mum
  • PDF pattern emailed to your door (if you purchase more than one kit, the price of the pattern will be refunded for additional kits)

(fabulous spokes-CCMZSoD not included)

There are lots of colours available (confuse the masses with huepalooza!) and yes, they all have names.


The leg options alone make me lose my mind.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.34.27 PM

Wait till you see what you can do to the tail!

Collect them all!  Fill them with ALL THE THINGS! (really. they need to be fed to stay upright)




Stephannie Tallent is a designer and editor with clear vision. With every book and collection she creates, she delves into her research, intend on creating a mood that brings you wholeheartedly into her mind’s eye.

With Hitch (published by Cooperative Press), she uses colour to recreate the feeling of Alfred Hitchcock’s world. Greys. Deep dark greys. Soft dove greys. Yellows that border on grey. A palette of neutrals. And red. Blood red.

The designs she’s chosen for this collection also reflect that world.  Each one pulls me into the movies I grew up watching on Sunday afternoons. And yet, is something I would wear now.  Strong, distinctive pieces.

Nadya Stalling’s Lina Vest Coat graces the cover with a strong, graphic stitch pattern and outstanding details. That collar!


Bringing red into the neutral mix is Becky Herrick’s Three Second Kiss.


For me, it’s always the unexpected details that draw me into a pattern. In this one, I love the split neckline, which turns this away from a being a standard round yoke pullover.  The red over pulse points. And the subtle, almost secret touch of red at the hem. Magic.

And then there is the occasional piece that is all about colour and texture.  Luisa O’Neill’s Ambrose Chapel Capelet (perfect in our MCS Worsted or MCN Worsted) drapes the wearer in red, with a stitch pattern and construction that makes this beautiful no matter which way it’s worn.



As a self-professed lover of colour, and not usually attracted to neutrals, Hitch is a collection that forces me to look deeper. Look differently. Look beyond striking colour to how it plays in more subtle realms.

Hitch is available for sale on Ravelry and through the Cooperative Press website.


Colour & Yarn at Shall We Knit

Looking for Giftapalooza?     Full details    Sign ups

THAT letter

Next weekend (November 22-24), Ron and I will pack up the car with all the yarn it can hold, leave the XL bag of sunflower seeds on the deck for Louie, and head to Waterloo ON to Shall We Knit for a weekend of Shenanigans with Kate Atherley.  This will be the East Coast debut of Kate’s Rock ‘n Roll Collection, complete with patterns, samples to fondle and yarn packs so you can make all four patterns.

Our trunk show, with tons of yarn and samples, will be up all weekend.

I will also be teaching all weekend. For details about all workshops, visit our brand new events page! 

The workshops I’m teaching are all strong components of making beautiful garments…beautiful CLOTHES that you love to wear. I believe that in order to truly knit things that you want to wear everyday because they look good on you and, more importantly, FEEL good on you should be our ultimate goal as knitters.

Colour! Build a Project goes beyond basic colour theory to talk about why we love the colours we love and hate the colours we hate…and what relationship  colours have with each other. How can we create a calming effect or an energizing effect? What combinations of colours are going to make us feel more comfortable in the knitted skins we make for ourselves? We’ll talk about colour placement and design and how to make it work for us. Leave with a variety of choices for the project of your choosing.

Which Yarn Should I Choose? looks at yarn and the elements that make it up. Fibre content, twist, ply, how it’s spun…all of these contribute to the very bones of the fabric we clothe ourselves in. We’ll look at 4 unique yarns in depth. Build skills that will help you make yarn substitutions based on making fabric you love.

A Tale of Two Sweaters  is all about making better sweaters. Choosing the fabric, style and fit that will make your next sweater your favourite sweater.

If you’re in the Waterloo area, please come out and see us!

THAT Time of Year…

Giftapalooza sign ups are still open, but selling out quickly!    

 Full details         Sign ups


indigodragonfly is a full service yarn company. And with that in mind, every year we write a letter for you to give to your loved ones in a futile effort to remind them that the vacuum cleaner you got for your birthday? Not their greatest moment.

Downloadable versions:  

THAT letter 2013  – the long, epic, novel length version. With pictures. (Send as a digital file, and the links actually work)

That letter short 2013 – short, sweety and to the pointy-point.



Dear _____________ (spouse/sibling/BFF/parent(s)/dog, cat or python/boss/python-boss/all of the above):

As you know, ____________________ (Christmas/Chanukah/Solstice/my birthday/your birthday/Valentine’s Day/Groundhog Day/THAT special anniversary/that day when you really want to suck up because you broke that thing I love) is coming up very soon. I think we would both like me to be happy with your chosen gift. Let me assist you in that endeavour.

Step 1: Email Kim or Ron at indigodragonfly: (or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, go to their website & peruse the yarn (try not to laugh…this is serious business!):

Step 2: Give them my list

  • _________________
  • more ______________
  • oh yeah, and _____________
  • a Giftapalooza package
  • all the yarn in the universe

Actually, wait…let me make your life easier, I have registered my wish list with Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom (CCMZSoD), who will eagerly assist you in your attempts at “Oh God, please just promise me she/he’ll like it!”  Just send them an email ( and let them know how much you want to spend. They will send you options. Bonus points if you send them sunflower seeds. Dill flavoured. And coffee. Black.

All orders received by December 8 will be shipped on December 9 and should (Canada Post and USPS willing) arrive at all US and Canadian (outside of Ontario) destinations in time for Christmas.  All Ontario orders received by December 15  will ship on December 17 and should arrive in time for Christmas.  For all other occasions, allow 2 weeks for deliveries outside Ontario, and 1 week for delivery within Ontario.

Oh wait…you left this till the last minute again, didn’t you?  And you think it’s too late? No worries, the CCMZSoD have that covered too.  If you’re a little late, they will personally send an electronic card you can print out me so that I have something to open while stalking ___________, our local postal worker.

Electronic gift certificates are also available in any denomination and can be emailed to you right up to Christmas Eve, and redeemed at anytime. It will be emailed to you so all you have to do is print it out and make sure you have your earplugs handy.  The squeeing will be epic.

Your ever loving _______________________

PS: Failure to do any of the above will result in a visit from the NOT so Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom, and their bodyguard:

DSC_0007 - Version 2

(Yeah.  I thought that’s what you’d say.)


Giftapalooza 2013!

It’s Giftapalooza time!

Know all about it and want to get straight to signing up? Click here.

Giftapalooza is our annual tradition of sharing the knitterly love:

Give a gift. Get a gift.

Sign up for the gift you wish to receive, throw your name in the hat and let us do the rest. You’ll be matched with a “partner”, and in December, the season of stress and insanity, you’ll receive your chosen gift from your partner. Exactly the gift you want. But with a small element of surprise.

See? It’s not buying more yarn for YOU. It’s someone else buying it as a gift to you. 😉

This year, it’s all about the yarn. We’ll be offering 5 different yarn choices, in 3 different weights:

MCN Lace
Merino Nylon Sock
Merino Silk DK

Order as much of each base as you like, choosing to have all skeins (in one base) in the same colour, or in different colours (let us know in the order notes, or in the Giftapalooza quiz which you’d prefer).

In Giftapalooza tradition, all colourways will be one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable colours. You will have some control over colour choices, but leave the rest to us and the dyepot magic.

Also, in Giftapalooza tradition, after sign-ups have closed, we’ll be pairing you up with another Giftapaloozer to encourage one of our favourite things about indigodragonfly fans: community. If you wish, send your partner a holiday greeting of some kind. This can be as simple as a note or favourite recipe, or as complicated as getting your toddler to put to paper his/her interpretation of DaVinci’s greatest works. (No one is expected to spend money on this part…something simple from the heart, reaching out to another knitter at a stressful time of year is what we hope happens) And yet another person will be sending goodies to you. Spreading the love.

And the final tradition we’ve come to love? We will also be taking nominations for “sooper sekrit anonymous surprise packages” to be sent to people who deserve a little extra something this year. Know someone who could use a little extra love this year? Nominate them by emailing us at and tell us about them. We will let you know if your nominee has been chosen.

Sign ups start: November 12 at 3 pm Eastern
Sign ups end: November 30 at 11 pm Eastern (or when all spaces are filled)

Partner assignments and package shipments start in early December (first week)

Want to see what Giftapalooza has looked like in the past?  2012  2011


Yarn Update Nov. 8 – MCN Worsted and Some Friends!!


Okay, so a new batch o’ goodness! To order today’s fun stuff, you can find them listed under the NEW category of the shopping cart. For the MCN Worsted, the cold weather’s a-comin’ and so there’s several colourways in sweater amounts!! (Mmmm………think Amy Herzog’s Custom Fit…………) So widdout furder ado, here’s a quick preview of this week’s ton (okay, 38 pounds) of happy:

Menagerie A Deux!!


We just wanted to welcome the two latest editions to the indigodragonfly zoo: say hello to our pillowy new friends, Chip & Dip!!!


Chip comes to us with several years experience in the fibre arts world, and Dip is a founding member of the avant-garde Sheep In The Square movement of the late 90’s. Both are hard workers (although there is talk of padding their resumés) and are sure to fit in well with the current staff, especially during break times.