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Good Mornin’!!


Okay, so Knit City is over for another year – it was great to have seen many of you the West Coast minions who arrived!!

All of the stock left over from the show is now en-route via Canada Post and should arrive back in the studio in the next few days. If you’re ordering something on-line, there may be a chance the yarn in question may have already been snagged at the show, so we’ll get back to you ASAP with the status on your order once the goodies arrive. If someone has already scooped the soft soft goodness, we’ll let you know and do the appropriate refund or new batch dyeing to replace where possible.

Thanking you for your patience – inventory is fun!!

Ron & Louie

Knit City: it’s TOMORROW!

Knit City‘s tomorrow, and we’re very excited!  We hope you’ll come by and visit us in booth #52.

We have lots and lots of yarn with us…even more than last year.

And with the recent release of Custom Fit, the software that gives you perfectly fitting sweater patterns based on your own measurements and swatch information (YOUR gauge, not you trying to match someone else’s gauge), we have brought lots and lots of sweater amounts in a variety of weights and colours.

I am also bringing my Custom Fit sweaters: 2 created by me entirely (one two), and two created using Custom Fit recipes (this one, and another one that is so new we don’t have photos of it yet…you’ll have to come and see it).  The concept is wonderful, but seeing is believing.  Come and see how incredible the fit of these sweaters is.  We’ll also be happy to help measure you for the software…we’ll be setting up measuring appointments for the afternoon on both Saturday and Sunday.  Drop by our booth to sign up for a slot.

See you tomorrow!


One of the things I love about what we do, is the collaboration. Nothing made this clearer to me than getting ready for Knit City.  Even right down to the last dyeing days, when Ron, Darby and I threw regular recipes out the window and dyed up a bunch of one of a kind colours that you will only find in our booth (#52)  this weekend. And then there’s Kate. Who’s the kind of person who emails you in the middle of the night to say “I have this idea and I need you to tell me whether I’m crazy or not”. And then she tells you. And then you’re dyeing ALL THE YARN for her to make her not at all crazy idea real. The Rock ‘n Roll Collection is 4 pieces: A hat, fingerless mitts, a shawl and socks, each with unique details that make them everyday-wearable, and yet enough detail to keep you interested through the entire knit. Available as an ebook and individual patterns on Ravelry and Patternfish RIGHT NOW! And they needed kick-ass photography. So we called on Lauren Ogilvie (website/Tumblr), whose work stayed on my mind long after I taught her at the Haliburton School of The Arts. Lauren knocked it out of the park. Look at some of my favourites from the shoot:









The graphic design of Zabet Groznaya of the Anticraft brings the whole project together and takes it to a new level.  Just check out the cover here. Although these were designed to make the most of dark yarn, they would be awesome in bright colours too. Think the Beatles in Hamburg vs. the Beatles Sgt Pepper era. Punk rock vs. glam rock. And so we will have yarn packs available at Knit City that will allow you to knit all four pieces in darks or brights, as well as samples for you to try on and fondle.


We’re in Vancouver. Knit City is coming up this weekend, and because Rhinebeck is so close to Knit City this year, we decided to just come straight here from the Rhinebeck trip and spend a few days settling in and working from here.

We left Toronto at this o’clock:



Waited a lot



Slept through most of the flight, and arrived to…rain.

Now I love Vancouver. I really do. But in the 22 years that I’ve been visiting this city, and various points in the year (yes, even the prescribed “April/May because it’s sunny then” time. And summer. And fall. And actually not winter, but just about every other month) it has always rained the entire time I’m in this city.

I may have said this out loud.

And then this happened:



Sun! Blue sky!

Awesome. 🙂

(some doubting Ontarians didn’t believe me, so here’s the actual sun looking like the apolcalypse is about to arrive, because apparently that’s what happens when you try to photograph the sun with a phone camera…



The rest of yesterday was spent exploring Granville Island.  Where it looked like this:



(and where the seagulls are the size of wild turkeys)

Today? Some new adventures. And a little work to get ready for Knit City.

By the way, have you seen what Kate’s been working on? A little collection of one skein projects designed to work with our High Fidelity series of colourways…interesting knits, but simple enough not to kill your eyesight. For all those people in your life who insist on only wearing black, black and light black. (we will have yarn packs, patterns and booklets at Knit City on Saturday in a variety of combinations!)


Mini Update Oct. 20 – Ultra MCN Sock & MCN Sock – Sweater Amounts!!


Since there’s been a bit of a kerfuffle in the last few days regarding sweater amounts in a few bases – Ultra MCN Sock and MCN Sock – we’re putting up eight different colourways, four of each base, all for you! There’s seven skeins of each available…at least until they do the hotcake thang and sell!!

Please Note: for shipping, unless they’re going with December Club shipments, orders will go out on Oct. 31 as we’re off to Knit City in Vancouver and won’t be back until then.

To order, go to the Shop button and yarns are listed in the New section, as well as their respective yarn bases and Geekitude.

Okay, Enjoy!

Today’s Goodies!

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Learn with our friend Kate…

Kate Atherley.  Knitter. Teacher. Tech editor. Slightly to the left of geek. Coffee connoisseur (Cleveland airport coffee? Just say no.)  Order muppet extraordinaire.

Kate is one of my favourite people to hang out with. She’s funny. She’s smart. She’ll organize all your spreadsheets for you and tell you she’ll do it for beer, but really…she just wants to organize your spreadsheets for you.

So when I say that Kate is the person you want to have teach you how to block your knits? Kate is THE person you want to have teach you to block your knits. At your house.

Which didn’t seem possible to me. We live in the country. Our local yarn store is an hour and a half away. And Kate’s not a fan of nature. My plot for taking a class on blocking involves sedating Kate and rustling her out in the middle of the night and hoping she doesn’t notice when Louis nibbles on her toes to wake her up in the morning, demanding sunflower seeds before she has coffee…a scenario that ends well for, well, no one.

But now there’s THIS!



Kate’s Craftsy class, where she blocks everything. You have a weird thing to block, Kate has a solution.

And for you? A discount link.  With this link, you can take Kate’s class for 25% off:

Take Kate’s class. Have pretty pretty finished knits.