A Dyer Walks Into a Booth…

The latest fresh yarn update is here.

Last Saturday we walked into our booth at the Knitters Fair, and snoozing uneasily in a big brown paper bag were these:


They came with a note. (Of course they came with a note. They always come with notes.)



Yes. Not So Cute and Cuddly ROBOTIC Mutant Zombie Squirrels. Of Doom. Courtesy of the not-even-remotely-sane mind of Erin over at Robot A Day. (Her Etsy shop makes me snicker)

It scares me just a little that these guys made their Knitty Blog debut on their first day of work.

Now let’s look at the attention to detail…

(yes, that’s a zombie-fied heart dangling off of the front)UntitledUntitled

(even their little tags are zombie-fied!)

Uneven legs so they can, you know, zombie-walk…Untitled

For those who are worried, they seem to have settled in quite nicely, setting up their own staff lounge on the deck:


And are making friends…hey! ¬†Wait! ¬†That’s Louie the Guard Chipmunk!


This can not end well…


DSC_0007 - Version 2


  1. hehehehehe – do they ever open their mouths to regurgitate old batteries and sprockets?

  2. hee. zzzztttt pppffftt *pop* (i’ve been exploded by their cuteness)

  3. WANT!

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