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That Marathoner Who Staggers Into the Stadium a Week Late…

So I had the best intentions. Really. The week of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Amy released this pattern.. So clearly that was my project. And it was going really well too. I was making good time. Lots of knitting got done. I loved every part of it.

But then reality stepped in. There were things I knew would make this sweater so much better. It needed a little more ease. Not a lot…but I just knew that 1 more inch of ease in the back would turn this from a cardigan I only wore on special occasions, to a cardigan I’d throw on every time I left the house. The chosen one.

One inch of extra stitches. That’s all it would take.

While I was at it, the colour wasn’t quite right. It was beautiful, but there was something missing. A brightness. A glow. When a colour is exactly right, I get very excited about it and start having daydreams about all the amazing things it will be when knitted up. For me, this one wasn’t quite right. So when I restarted the cardigan and put it down to contemplate, I knew it wasn’t right for me. The second time I picked it up, knit 5 stitches and then put it down again, a declaration of “I’ll redye it for you” came from the other side of the car.

I know. you want one of these, don’t you?

I gave very specific instructions.

I left this note on the pot:


(That’s Scaredy Squirrel on the bottom. You can’t say no to Scaredy!)

At this point we’re a week into the Olympics. I have frogged an entire fingering weight sweater back. I have declared the yarn colour unsuitable. I have driven Ron near crazy with microscopically detailed colour instructions, and have been pointedly told that HE has, prior to this day, dyed the VERY BEST version of this colour. Ever. (Sooooooo not true. This is my absolute favourite colour. Clearly I do it best because I know it best. You’re with me on that one, right?) New yarn has been dyed. And I’m undecided.

Yes, this is the part where I admit the full depths of my insanity. Clearly I am driving the shortbus.
I’m undecided. Between the new yarn, and the old yarn. The colours of which are so close that if I took a photo of them side by side, you would be here in 30 seconds to slap me silly. We are in the middle of a marathon dyeing session, and every time I pass the drying racks, I hold the two colours up to each other, comparing them. On that particular day, several people stopped by our studio, and I asked every single one of them which they would choose. Including my father. Who gave me that look that lets me know he secretly wonders if I might possibly be the milkman’s daughter, because that would explain so much.

And then I heard this:

“You will knit with the yarn I dyed for you and like it!”



I guess I will.


Mods: added an inch of width in the centre back to ensure I had some ease, but still a great fit in the shoulders. Added an inch of width to each of the fronts for better coverage.


And one of the back:


Finished exactly 1 week after the Closing Ceremonies, and so totally worth it.
The colour? Perfect.
The fit? Perfect.
Was it worth knitting almost twice? Absolutely.

Want to join the Knitalong here and here?

Where We’ll Be…

Just a quick post to update you on events we’ll be attending in the next few weeks:

This coming weekend, August 25 – 26, we’ll be at the Twist Festival de la Fibre/Fibre Festival in Saint-Andre-Avellin QC.  If you live within driving distance of Ottawa or Montreal, this is a great festival for you to attend.

September 8, we’ll be at the Knitters Fair in Kitchener-Waterloo ON

Hope to see you there!

Fling: less than 2 weeks away!

Less than 2 weeks until the Highlands Fibre Fling! The main event takes place at our studio on Saturday August 18, 10 am-4 pm. Please let us know you’re coming: RSVP on the Ravelry Event Page. As always, email us at orders AT with any questions.

How to get to the Fling

Ravelry discussion group

For those of you coming for the whole weekend, we want to remind you that we’ve set up a knit night for you at our studio on Friday August 17, 7-9 pm.


The Dyeing 101 workshop will run on Friday and Sunday (take both to learn more techniques!) Each student will take home a minimum of 3 skeins of the yarn of their choice. Dyeing roving is also possible, for those spinners who want to try.

Meghan Jackson of Butterfly Knit will be teaching a class chock full of skill-building based on her Oh So Quiet scarf/shawl. Here’s what Meghan has to say about her class:

In the workshop, we’ll get started on the project or a small sample of the project, and talk about intarsia, working with more than one colour, basic cable-needle-less cables, as well as customizing any sideways shawl to be symmetrical or asymmetrical or on the bias or deeper or narrower… I love sideways shawls because they are so customizable and you can really make them your own. In the Oh So Quiet workshop we’ll talk about how to do just that!

To register, click on the links below:

Dyeing 101 – Friday August 17, 1 – 4 pm

Oh So Quiet – Friday August 17, 1 – 4 pm

Dyeing 101 – Sunday August 19, 10 am – 1 pm

(All workshops take place at our home studio…located on the map above, and with a maximum of 8 people per class, this is an excellent opportunity for individualized instruction)

Special offer for Fling goers!

We’ve arranged our first community partnership for the event, with the Forest Festival!
Sean Pennylegion, director of the Forest Festival here in Haliburton is offering a special rate on tickets to Saturday night’s concert (August 18) featuring Amanda Martinez ( ) in the historic Logging Museum at Base Camp. (The venues for the Forest Festival are incredible and unique…always a good show)

Tickets: $25.00 +HST (reg ($34.00+hst) per ticket Please email Brianna to claim your tickets!

A whole list of accommodation options are available, ranging from camping in the Haliburton Forest to lakeside luxury at Sir Sam’s Inn, and everything. in. between.

MCS Sock for Caulfield!

Ooo, finally, some big gooey amounts of MCS Sock for Amy Herzog’s Caulfield cardigan/pullover!

On yer mark, get set…let the hoarding begin!


Email orders to: to place all orders.  Let us know: 1)  what you would like to purchase, 2) where you live (state/province/country), 3) whether you would like us to wind your yarn into cakes (charge of $1 per skein with proceeds going to our Otis Houndation), and 4) if you want your order shipped with your Smart-Ass Knitters Club shipment.  A PayPal invoice will be mailed to you that includes airmail shipping (or surface mail if you’re in Ontario).  Please allow approx. 1 – 2 weeks for delivery in Canada, 1 – 3 weeks for deliveries to the United States, and 2 – 8 weeks for international shipping (and possibly a bit longer depending on where you are). For further information, see the bottom of this post.


MCS Sock: 75% merino/15% cashmere/10% silk – 400 yds per 115 g – $29

Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? (Anya)

6 Skeins Available

People Are Particularly Stupid Today; I Cannot Speak To Any More Of Them.

3 Skeins Available (Please Note: 2 skeins match, 1 doesn’t)

Only, The Exact Phrase I Used Was, “Don’t.” (Inara)

1 Skein Available

20,000 Lawyers Under The Sea

7 Skeins Available

Don’t You Have An Elsewhere To Be? (Cordelia)

5 Skeins Available

Bunnies, Bunnies, It Must Be Bunnies! (Anya)

3 Skeins Available

Captain Tightpants (A)

7 Skeins Available

Captain Tightpants (B)

2 Skeins Available

Is She All Green And Fuzzy And Mossy?

4 Skeins Available


1 Skein Available (Please Note: Not a good match with TARDIS (B))


2 Skeins Available (Please Note: Not a good match with TARDIS (A))

Bright Lights, Big City, Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn

Sold Out!

Sonic F@#%ing Death Monkey!

3 Skeins Available (Please Note: skein on right is from the same dye lot and will work with the other two skeins if alternated)


To purchase any of the above yarn, please send me an email at orders AT (replace AT with “@”, no spaces) indicating which colours(s) you would like, where you live and whether you want it shipped surface or air mail. First email request for each yarn/fibre secures it. I will send you a paypal invoice for the full amount plus shipping and ship the packages off within 3-5 days. Shipping charges to the US will start at $5.97 for surface mail and $7.61 for air mail. Canada Post doesn’t make shipping charges for Canadian or International packages easy, so a shipping quote will be sent as part of your invoice for your approval. You are welcome to cancel the order at that time. Best attempts are made to photograph colours accurately, however colours do differ from monitor to monitor (I’ve checked). I’ve also described the colours…and hope that helps. Custom orders (including dyeing or overdyeing your own fibre or yarn) are always welcomed! Just email me with what you have in mind.