So Sometimes I Teach…and Talk…

I have some teaching and talking events coming up that I thought you should know about.

In March, I’ll be teaching 2 classes at Shall We Knit in Waterloo ON.

Saturday March 10 – Why Did the Unicorn Cross the Road?: Creating Personal Colourwork (material fee includes lots of colour samples to swatch and play with and all design materials)

Sunday March 11 – Cliffs of Insanity: Taking a Leap With Your Knitting (“kit fee” includes several different yarn bases to play with, but does not include yarn to make a full Cliffs of Insanity scarf. You’re free to bring your own yarn to play with, but our yarns and a full store of Shall We Knit yarns will also be available to purchase)

Both classes are about being creative in your knitting.  Learning about colour so you can use it and combine colours confidently.  Learning how to chart a pattern that’s uniquely yours.  Learning to improvise without second guessing yourself. Knitting is your hobby…your fun.

Also?  I have pencil crayons.  It’s colouring.  For grown ups.  With yarn.

Here’s how I like to teach:  I like to give very broad class descriptions, with lots of possibilities and lots of options.  When I do that, I get students of all different levels and experiences who get to choose what it is they’d like to focus on.  Some will walk away from class with a bag of samples that will help them take the next step.  Others will choose to focus their day in one direction, and will have the start of a larger project on their needles.  Everyone will leave with something new running through their brains.

You can register for these classes on the Shall We Knit website here.

And then on Tuesday March 13, I’ll be speaking at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Guild meeting.  My subject?  This is going to shock you.  Really.  Are you sitting down?  You need to be sitting down.

Knitting and sarcasm.

Clearly the days of the Guild taking me seriously are certainly coming to a middle.





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