Progress, Pairings & Club: A Random, Not-so-Random Monday Post

1) Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club sign-ups start at 1 minute after midnight Eastern (Toronto/New York time). (I feel like I should say “today”, when it’s really “tomorrow” and no matter which one I choose, someone will also be confused.  And I will feel bad.  So suffice it to say tonight it will be 11:59 and sign ups will not be open…then 2 minutes later they will.)

2) Yes, I fully realize that I could make this so much easier on all of us if I just started at 7 am or noon. But the idea was to use up ALL of Valentine’s Day with the cool thing. And face it: you love these rambley, quirky posts. They totally make you feel more normal, don’t they? Besides, we get infinite amusement out of waiting till 1 minute after midnight to see who stayed up late to sign up.  We make popcorn and everything.

3) You.  That one person about to point out in the comments that “ALL of Valentine’s Day” is not actually filled up with the cool thing (yes, I know who you are)…refrain. I mean it.  There will be dire consequences.

4) I’ve made some progress on my stripey knee socks:


And they are a perfect fit! They hug my leg just right and curve perfectly down my calf. Glenna’s a genius.

5) Carla in our Ravelry group mentioned making fitted leg warmers using Glenna’s worksheet, which I think would be brilliant.

6) The hazards of naming yarn colourways after your friends: if Glenna gets paired with another colourway, Stephannie wants a yarny boyfriend too.


Steph and weird geeky record store guy…
Paging Dr. Smart-AssIs She All Green and Fuzzy and Mossy? (High Fidelity Series)

Steph and Oz (which personality-wise, might just work)
Paging Dr. Smart-AssHootenanny: It's Chock Full of Hoot, Just a Little Bit of Nanny

Steph and Jack Black
Paging Dr. Smart-AssSonic F$#*ing Death Monkey (High Fidelity series)

Steph and Scott Pilgrim
Paging Dr. Smart-AssYou Punched the Highlights Out of Her Hair!

(I’m thinking Scott Pilgrim. Steph takes over the world…Scott saves the world… yet in true Steph fashion, she wants them all. Which would also kinda work…in that blinding, astigmatism test way)

And I suppose that also means that Bridget (AKA Crack Baby…which really only makes sense if you’ve seen this…otherwise we just sound mean)

Bridget and Bridget
What The Hay?!Also, I Can Kill You With My Brain. (River)
(or technically What the Hay?! and Needles in the Brain…which we didn’t have a picture of but just picture Also I Can Kill You With My Brain with NO plum or green undertones. Or, you know, Bridget and River would also be awesome.)

Bridget and TARDIS
What The Hay?!TARDIS

Or Bridget and Lorne, the Host
What The Hay?!Well Put Me On The Short Bus And Send Me Off To Clueless School (Lorne The Host)

So clearly Bridget is destined for a life with demons, time machines and mind-controlled killing machines. But, you know, PRETTY!

7) Meanwhile, the Rav group has been hard at work in this thread coming up with excellent colour combos.

There is concern that Xander won’t work with Anya or Cordelia. Well let’s take a look:

Is The Money Okay? Did They Hurt The Money? (Anya)I've Never Been Up With People Before

Don't You Have an Elsewhere to Be? (Cordelia)I've Never Been Up With People Before

Because I’ve Never Been Up With People Before (Xander’s colourway) is so variable, I think a version that had more dark grey/black could work well with both Anya and Cordelia. I’d recommend trying combinations of stripes with different widths to make sure you like the balance.  Both of these could be lots of fun.

Cordelia (Don’t You Have an Elsewhere to Be) and Between Love and Batteries is another combo bringing out the inner 12 year old in our Rav group.

Don't You Have an Elsewhere to Be? (Cordelia)Between Love and Batteries

Now these will make a nice subtle stripe which I actually like a lot. If you wanted something more dramatic with these two, adding a line of black or charcoal grey between stripes would do it!

My person favourite so far?

TARDIS and Tight Pants
TARDISCaptain Tight Pants

Really love that blue and brown combination. I’m thinking stripey sweater.


  1. There could be some serious TightPants/TARDIS fanfic coming out of that yarn colour combo. LOVE it.

    And might I also suggest stripey socks with Shiny and not shiny versions of the same colourway. Emma is making a TARDIS striped sweater this way and while the variation is more subtle, it’s gorgeous!

    Oh, and if I have to choose, Scott Pilgrim is my yarn-man

  2. Oh yah… totally forgot the Xander and Cordelia hooked up. I also realized that Anya and Spike did too… that could result in a very entertaining pair of socks!

  3. I’m voting Anya and Cordelia together actually. ‘Cause they do have a lot of funny things in common personality-wise, not just cutie Xander.

  4. This is like fanfiction in yarn form. I don’t think it’s possible to out-geek this. (Or so she says now…)

  5. Kim, is that another WIP sock beneath your Glenna-stripe kneesock? And it looks great so far.

    I’m loving TARDIS and Tightpants, too.

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