Winter Retreat!!

We’re hosting a Winter Mini-Retreat from March 2 – 4, 2012.

After receiving many emails about this weekend I hosted for some friends from Toronto, I thought I’d host one for the rest of you!  This is a small, very informal, very cozy getaway.  There will be knitting.  There will be excellent food (and quite possibly some wine).  And did I mention we unload a carload of yarn into the living room for you to squoosh?

We rent a house together.  We share meal making (even if you hate to cook, we’ll find something for you to contribute.  Don’t worry!)  We knit.  A lot.

It’s the most fun and relaxing time I have all year.

Did I mention Ron is already preparing himself for hourly yarn deliveries?

Location:  We rent a house in Haliburton County, not far from the Indigodragonfly Studio.  You’re responsible for getting yourself here, but we can help you find people to carpool with.  There’s also a bus that comes to Haliburton and we’d be happy to pick you up.

Cost:  We need to cover the rental of the house, so we’ve developed a sliding scale.  If we fill the house, the cost is significantly lower for everyone.  We have some sign ups already, so here’s where the sliding scale stands:

  • 1 person – $150 per person (shared room/bed); $300 for a single room
  • 2 people – $130 per person (shared room/bed); $260 for a single room
  • 4 people – $100 per person (shared room/bed)

Questions?  Want to sign up to go?  Email us at (replace “AT” with “@” and make sure it’s “.ca”, not “.com”) and we’d be happy to answer!




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