Can I Keep Them?

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I live in my favourite place in the world.  It took a long time to get here…to figure out what we needed to do to live here.  And it was worth it.  I wake up every morning, in every season, to beauty…everywhere I look.

But I do miss my friends in Toronto.  So every year (OK, 2 so far, but I don’t see this ending) a small group of friends make the trek north in the dead of winter to see me.  Seriously.  Not in the summer, when the roads are clear.  They wait till it’s -30° C and the weather network is throwing around phrases like “flash freezing warning”. I know we like wool and everything, but THAT’S friendship.

This is Anastasia.


She brought us cake, made by her cousin at Good to the Last Crumb.   That blur behind her? Stephannie racing to the cake.


And not just any cake…YARN CAKE!  With a pattern.  Which we ate.  All of it.  No, you can’t have some.

We got to roll around in Glenna’s Midnight Collection samples:


What’s even more amazing is that the samples were out romping around with her carrot cupcakes a hair’s breath away. Brave woman, that.

We moved right in to the house we rented and sprawled across every spare bit of space.




Getting up occasionally to cook:


(I love Martha because she brought me purple carrots. PURPLE!)

And we knit.


While introducing the uninitiated to Firefly and Buffy. (Though I somehow managed to dodge Dr. Who again…and I wasn’t even trying to!)

The Boy helped me bring over a little yarn. Two carloads full. So there was some very organized and well thought out hoarding:

Retreat 2011

And more food:


“Drizzle the cream ARTISTICALLY”, were the instructions.

We entertained Little Miss Lambie Toes…


Why yes, that IS a demon on the TV. Children’s Aid is SO going to be after us. And yes, that IS a world famous knitwear designer making faces at the munchkin. The extent some people will go to to avoid designing an entire Firefly-based sock collection in one weekend…

Really, this post should be all about the child:


“Mummy, this is MY stash…YOUR stash is purple.”

This year, this was more than a retreat to me. It was a milestone. At last year’s retreat, our entire stock fit into 2 plastic tubs. This year, we couldn’t bring it all. A year ago I was certain that no one would ever buy our yarn ever again. And this group of women encouraged me, made me laugh and told me I was crazy. They told me they had it all figured out and all I had to do was make beautiful yarn. And then each one went home and did at least one little thing to help us grow. It wasn’t exactly the same group this year. It may not be the same group next year. But this weekend. This oasis of calm and laughter and flavour and colour in the middle of winter is just what I need at exactly the time I need it.

(PS:  We really REALLY missed you Sandi and Andrea and Joyce and Jen!)


  1. So glad to have been able to come to both retreats, so glad your business has grown so well in the last year, so glad I got to do some hoarding, and so glad to be able to call you a friend. May the upcoming year bring you still more joy!

  2. Jen (lisseut) says:

    Where’d Anastasia’s hair go?!

    Looks like a blast! And… Firefly socks? You know, that’s the name of the colourway in my green socks…. 😉

  3. it was on outstanding weekend. thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. Already looking forward to next year!!

  4. “While introducing the uninitiated to Firefly and Buffy”

    Huh? Wha’? There are people who don’t know Buffy??

    Although perhaps I should not talk, as one who has never seen an episode of Firefly 😛

  5. And did you notice how well behaved the hoarding was? We scoped out everyone else’s piles but left them where they were. So much respect.

    Just keep making them pretty yarns and leave the rest to the rest of us! Can’t wait to do it again.

  6. You are so blessed! What a yarn explosion! Looks like Otis has some major competition in the “So Frickin’ Cute” category. Altho’ your Dr Who reference is making me a bit nervous . . . . .

  7. How blessed you are to have such a wonderful group of friends. I don’t have any friends I’d be willing to go out in the snow for. 😉 Okay, well maybe one or two.

  8. Not true, I TOTALLY designed the Firefly patterns all up. They’re just missing the step of actually writing them down. Details, details.

  9. Well if you leave a trail of yarn along the highway we’ll come this summer.

    It was a blast. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  10. Hooray! That looks like a great time. I’m glad they have encouraged your business. I need you to keep making beautiful yarn. (I’m wearing my fingerless mitts made out of your yarn as I type, actually.)

  11. ::snort:: That brings a whole new meaning to “Hush little darling, don’t you cry …”


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