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Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination

Our main yarn Club. 1 skein of yarn + 2 patterns shipped out every 2 months. Exclusive colourways available for Club members only. Optional add ons: Artisan Swag, Extra Skeins, Mystery Skeins. Special offers for Club members only. 

Full 2017/18 SAK Club information

All spots for Year 8 are currently full. Thank you for your interest!

Next round of sign ups begins February 2018.


Geek Club: Series 2 signs up closed 

Next round of sign ups begins October 2017

Full information here.

A choose your own adventure yarn club with geeky themes! Choose how much or how little yarn you receive, and control the amount of “extras”.

Sweater Club

For Sweater lovers:  yarn and patterns in your choice of bases. Colours dyed for each person according to preferences. One of a kind, non-repeatable colours only. 

2016 Club information and pricing

Next round of sign ups begins April 2017

Fibre Club – temporarily closed.