Happy Giftapalooza Day!!!

Okay, so you’re all up by now, and the tree/bush/present presenting unit have all been cleaned out, so it’s probably safe to present 2015’s Giftapalooza Line-Up O’ Fun. Enjoy!!!

Yes Virginia, there are a few duplicates, but they’re in different bases so that’s okay.

(all names are from left to right)


(Chameleon Sock)

Grinch Mob

Arrestor, The Long-Arm Law & Order Donkey

Mistletoe: Yet Another Zombie Brain Detection System

Wingit, Flingit, Hurley, Zippy, Datsun, Goner & Lost – The Strike Scab Sleigh Crew


(Chameleon Sock)

Tryptophan Girl

Opening Presents – The Original Wrap Music

Bob Scratchitt, the Lottery-Addicted Clerk

Frosty’s Salty Dilemma


(Chameleon Sock)

Surface-To-Air Missiletoe

South Pole Ripoff – Slanta & his 8 Tiny Uneven Penguins

Cricket Loom On The Hearth

Two Turtle Doves, An Inter-Species Love Story


(Chameleon Sock)

Like Milk For Cookies

Chardonnaytivity Scene

Mule Log

Rude Olph, the Rock Steady Reindeer


(Chameleon Sock)

Frosty’s Eyes: Coming Soon To A Stocking Near You!

Teen Stoner, With A Corn Cob Pipe, In The Basement

…because ponies are filthy thieves, dear…

Acrylic: The Coal of Yarn


(Chameleon Sock)

More Braindeer!!!

Joe, the Little Strummer Boy


(Chaingeling DK)

Toy Recall Story – Scariest. Elf. Film. Ever.

Unfortunate Holiday Typo #23: The Island of Misfed Toes

Carollers Singing Moorre Brainsss…Nope, Don’t Know That One…

Naked Firemen Advent Calendar


(Sheepshifter DK)

Mi’fit Toyz in th’ Hood

My Other Sleigh Is A TARDIS

Rudolph’s Shiny New Hip Flask

Melony Rickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Holiday Jumpers


(Sheepshifter DK)

A Vacuum Cleaner – Honey, You Shouldn’t Have. Really.

I Brake For Stuffing

And The Dreidel Will Rock (ed. note: you will no longer be able to sing the Van Halen song properly ever again)

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Gifty Re-Gifty Stuff


(Sheepshifter DK)

Mrs. Snowman Has Had Another Carrot Job, I See…

David Bowie + Bing Crosby = David Crosby


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Red Suit, White Belt…Santa is Herb Tarlek!

You And Whose Hermey??

Prudeolph, The Anal-Retentive Reindeer

A Vacuum Cleaner – Honey, You Shouldn’t Have. Really.


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Candy Cane Toads

Mule Log

Oye Snow Mo Va, by Carlos Santa Na

One Red Ribbon Does Not A Lingerie Item Make


(Merino Nylon Sock)

Cricket Loom On the Hearth

Arrestor, The Long-Arm Law & Order Donkey

Jet Engine + GPS = Reindeer Redundancy

Randy’s Snowsuit Blues


(Chameleon Sock)

Grinch Worm

Global Warming: Elf Plot for More Days Off

(Sheepshifter DK)

Thistletoe: The Scottish Aphrodisiac

Beauty And The Roast Beast


Okay, that’s it for now. The Schmenge Brother’s Have A Very Merry Leutonian Christmas special is about to start, so gotta go. Oz says arf!



Yarn Update: Wednesday October 14, 2015

Hi All,

Just a heads-up: the newest yarn update is all set & a-rarin’ to go Wednesday @ 12 noon e.s.t.!!!

All new goodies have been put in the NEW section of the Shop Page – here’s the handy-dandy quick link:


For your convenience & to get yer search engines roarin’, the Chameleon Sock yarn was updated a day or two ago and is already up for the picking! As for the rest of the new goodies, over 200 skeins will be up at noon for your viewing pleasure!!

Okay, Louie is standing by & ready to take your order, so Call Today! Don’t Delay!!




Mmmmm…..Sweater Club Goodness…..Ummmmm…..

Are you a fan of Special Edition, One-Of-A-Kind colourways? Well, then tonight’s post is for YOU!!!

Once or twice a year, we open up the yarn vaults and see what has been accumulating. Since we really like our Sweater Club members, we tend to dye an extra skein or two or five (and even the odd extra full dye lot) of their Club colours. These skeins were put up for grabs for the Club members to thumb-wrestle over, and now they’re up for sale for EVERYONE to scoop!!!

But you may ask, “where the h-e-double toothpicks are they??”


Head on over to the Shop page, click on shop by Yarns, and then click on Special Edition yarns. The Sweater Club goodies will be the skeins with their yarn base in parenthesis beside the yarn name. And if you’re curious, the yarn names are either the original Club members’ musical alter ego, or the ones that start with the word ‘What’ are the answers to unknown questions from an alternate universe version of the TV game show Jeopardy. Sort of. Alex Trebek, Time Traveller.

Okay, enough e-chatter, go forth and open up a can of yarn liberation! Enjoy!!!


Dubious Honour: for one day only

Tomorrow, August 22, 2015, we will be attending Socks Ed at Shall We Knit in Waterloo Ontario.  At the event, we will have a special colourway available.  This colour will also be for sale on our website (link will ONLY be active with the ordering page starting at 9 am on August 22) for one day only. Skeins ordered on the website will be dyed to order and shipped within 2-3 weeks.

This colourway, dyed in honour of the launch of Kate Atherley‘s new book Custom Socks, is inspired by this dress:

I don't think even @indigodragonfly would want to do something with this… Cc @shallweknit

A photo posted by Kate Atherley (@kateatherleyknits) on


(really.  She’s just asking for trouble now.)

This colourway is made up of 6 of our regular colours that are inspired by movies and television…a virtual cornicopia of media.


This colourway is available for order on three yarn bases:

CaribouBaa (Sock)

kate caribou

Merino Nylon Sock

Kate merino nylon

Chameleon Sock

kate chameleon

Please note: this is a highly variegated colourway that includes varying amounts of orange, white, green, blue, magenta, gold and grey. Every skein is unique. When ordering more than one in the same base, we will give you the best matching skeins available.

Highland Fibre Fling: #6!

Come join us for our 6th Annual Highland Fibre Fling — the day every summer when Indigodragonfly opens up the house and studio to all fibre enthusiasts.

IMG_1768   IMG_1769

It’s our favourite day of the year, started 6 years ago when Ron said “You know what would be fun?…if we invited EVERYONE to our house to hang out for a day…” Every year on the third Saturday in August we open up our doors, bring out all the yarn, fibre and other goodies, fire up the BBQ and ask you to come and join us for the day. It’s a wonderful day of yarn, knitting, crochet, spinning, food, dyeing demos and the occasional piñata.

What to expect

Bring your knitting, spinning, stitching…expect to meet lots of people and spend the day hanging out with new and old friends.  Our studio shop will be open, and we will be rolling out all the yarn and fibre we can find.  And, as always, there will be some surprises. Stay tuned to this space, twitter and instagram for sneak peeks.

CustomFit measurement/consultation services! 

We are a CustomFit LYS, so will be offering a measurement service/consultation/pattern package at the Fling.  Let us help you on your way to making your perfect sweater.

6th Annual Highland Fibre Fling

August 15, 11 am to 3 pm

Indigodragonfly Studio

1946 Kennisis Lake Rd, 2 minutes outside of West Guilford Ontario (in Haliburton County) **note: new location, next door to the old location**

3 hours from Toronto, 4 hours from Ottawa, 2.5 hours from North Bay

Google Map of Studio Location  (Please do not try to google the address! Use this map instead)

questions? Need more information? email us: orders@indigodragonfly.ca

Payment accepted: cash, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), Paypal

Accommodation information


Sad Lester Sock – Update!

Hi All,

Just to let you know, there have just been added 26 new colourways in Sad Lester Sock – almost a hundred new skeins!! Extra Bonus: half of these new colourways are the coveted Special Editions!!! So…Head On Over!!!!

More Yummy Yarn Goodness!!


Okay, so there has been a ConFab with the Internets minions, and the website has started to behave itself…for now.


Over the past 24 hours, we’ve been able to add some skeins of CaribouBaa, Linen Silk and Wingenhooven to the inventory, all for you!!

They’re up on the website, so feel free to shop, but try not to whack the side of your computer while doing so, just for safety’s sake. Oh, and try not to sneeze. Please.


Yarn Update: June 10/15

Hi All,

Okay, so there’s a whole new whack o’ yarn up on the site. Finally. New stuffs can be found on the NEW page of the Shop.

In advance, apologies if some of the yarn images don’t appear. We’ve been having a mighty struggle with the website and it’s taken several days just to get to where we are. Images are, at this point, a bonus if they upload and stay!!!

At 1 pm e.s.t., the theory is that a new batch of MerGoat Sock and Chameleon Sock colourways will appear, so fingers crossed!! Okay, so head over to the NEW page, an’ ENJOY!!!

Yarn Update – California Schemin’

As promised/warned, we’re out in Californ-i-yay this week hanging out at the Make. Wear. Love retreat, and have some goodies ready to roll for ya! Since we’re here for just a couple of days, we’ll be shipping out any orders from here tomorrow, the idea being the less we have to ship back to ourselves in Canucklandia the better, so why not? It’s what old-timers call a Grand Scheme, or was it a Turtleneck Jalopy, or a Roosevelt Steamer, I forget. Anyway…

Since we’ve gotten a few new items come merrily merrily merrily down the stream (by stream, we mean ocean), it’s time to turn them loose upon this Brave Current World. Aside from a few stragglers, today’s update is chock-full of Special Editions and some Gradient sets!!! Bwa. Ha. Ha.

Okay, enough literary flotsam, on to the update!!! Enjoy!!!

All today’s goodness can be quickly accessed via the NEW page in our website shop.


PLEASE NOTE: Joe P’enguin says that since this is a stand-alone sale and yarn will be shipped tomorrow and is not being combined with any other orders, the Club Shipping option should not be used – you need to choose Regular Shipping. If you do choose Club Shipping we’ll send the yarn out tomorrow as scheduled and invoice for the difference.


We have new patterns and samples for you at the Frolic.  Come by booth 29 to see everything, but let us share a couple with you now.

Kate Atherley’s One Two Three, shown in CaribouBaa…though we think it would be gorgeous in Chameleon Sock as well.



This shawl uses 2 skeins of CaribouBaa or any sock yarn in variegated colours.  A perfect fit for the Lambs to the Frolic colourway introduced in yesterday’s post!

Fiona Ellis brings us a cabled cardigan with unusual closure construction in Russian Hill. Here’s a sneak peek:


The cardigan was designed using Uber MerGoat Sport, but would be equally lovely in OctoBaa.  Both yarn and buttons by Jennie the Potter will be available in our booth.

The Toronto Knitters Frolic, hosted by the Toronto Knitters Guild is on this weekend at the Japanese Cultural Centre (9 Garamond Court, just off of Wynford Drive near Don Mills and Eglinton in Toronto).  Indigodragonfly will be in booth 29 in the marketplace on Saturday April 25 from 9 am to 4:30 pm.