Yarn Update – November 20, 2014

The last of the goodness, squirrelled away over the past few months, is now up for grabs! To shop, you can select the NEW category from the main SHOP page, and you can also click on the thumbnail photos below for more info on them.

Also, new inventories of many existing colourways/yarn bases that have been previously for sale but subsequently sold out have been updated, so check out all the bases for goodies that have just resurfaced! And as an added bonus, several newly-named Mutant Zombie Squirrel Kits have be unearthed, which can be found on the KITS page from the main SHOP page!!

And here’s today’s yarn gallery, so have fun!!!

Giftapalooza 2014!

Already know about Giftapalooza? Sign up now:  Individual Skeins (any amount)   Giftapalooza Sweater Club

What is Giftapalooza?

Giftapalooza is our annual tradition of sharing the knitterly love:

Give a gift. Get a gift.

Sign up for the gift you wish to receive, throw your name in the hat and let us do the rest. You’ll be matched with a “partner”, and in December, the season of stress and insanity, you’ll receive your chosen gift from your partner. Exactly the gift you want. But with a small element of surprise.

See? It’s not buying more yarn for YOU. It’s someone else buying it as a gift to you. ;)

Order as much of each base as you like, choosing to have all skeins (in one base) in the same colour, or in different colours.

In Giftapalooza tradition, all colourways will be one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable colours.  You will have some control over colour choices, but leave the rest to us and the dyepot magic.

What yarns???
1) CaribouBaa
2) Merino Silk DK
3) Über MerGoat Sport
4) Seacell Silk    
5) Mystery Yarn Base – This one will be a complete surprise. It will be a fingering weight base, with approximately 400 yds per 100 g. It will contain animal fibres.

What else?
CustomFit Sweater Option! We will offer a Sweater Kit option that will include:

  • enough yarn to make a sweater in your size, in your choice of the above yarn bases
  • a CustomFit pattern code (for you, or to share with a friend)
  • a coupon code for use in Kim’s Ravelry pattern shop. Redeem for one of her CustomFit recipes, or use it toward the pattern of your choice.

Think of this option as a “mini Sweater Club”. :)

Guide to choosing a size/yardage amounts for Sweater Clubs and Kits

Giftapalooza is not about the yarn.

That’s right. I said it.

It’s about the amazing community of people we have gathered around us.

So this is what we do –
after sign-ups have closed, we’ll be pairing you up with another Giftapaloozer to encourage one of our favourite things about indigodragonfly fans: community. If you wish, send your partner a holiday greeting of some kind. This can be as simple as a note or favourite recipe, or as complicated as getting your toddler to put to paper his/her interpretation of DaVinci’s greatest works. (No one is expected to spend money on this part…something simple from the heart, reaching out to another knitter at a stressful time of year is what we hope happens) And yet another person will be sending goodies to you. Spreading the love.

And the final tradition we’ve come to love? We will also be taking nominations for “sooper sekrit anonymous surprise packages” to be sent to people who deserve a little extra something this year.

Know someone who could use a little extra love this year? Nominate them by emailing us atorders@indigodragonfly.ca and tell us about them. We will let you know if your nominee has been chosen.

Sign ups start: November 12
Sign ups end: November 26 at 11 pm Eastern (or when all spaces are filled)
Packages ship: All packages ship in early December. PLEASE NOTE: Giftapalooza packages are sent separately from regularly-scheduled Club shipments, so please select the Regular Shipping option!
Partner assignments emailed: early December

Yarn Update: October 27, 2014!

Today’s goodies!!!

To order, check out the NEW page on the sale page, or click on the thumbnails of the pretties for more info.

Okay, Enjoy!!!

A dyer, a designer and a potter walk into a bar…

…and Troika happens!


Maybe I should back up.

Jennie came to us with a brilliant idea for a collaboration, and sent this box to Bristol and I:

JtP button box

Filled with button samples in different textures and glazes.

And collaboration began.  (Jennie joined us in card form)

IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2473

We chose a yarn base. And narrowed down the button glaze and texture choices. And then I went home and developed 2 colours to coordinate. Bristol went home and activated her design brilliance superpower.  And Jennie fired up the kiln and buttoned herself senseless.

Yarn: Sheepshifter DK  in 2 colourways, exclusive to this kit: Electroshark Therapy and Nailed It!

IMG_1159          IMG_1156

Buttons: Copper Bough (copper) and Heron Wood Turquoise (clay) by Jennie the Potter


Pattern: Troika by Bristol Ivy

DSC_0823 DSC_0874

Kits will be available at the Jennie the Potter booth at Rhinebeck, and here in our webshop starting at 9 am on Saturday October 18.  

Yarn Update Sept 4/14


A whole pile of new goodies today – ENJOY!!!

Bookhou bags are now in!!!

Stained Fingers skeins were created by our dye camp minions this past few months, an’ are their evil experiments!!

Chaos Mop-its are the result of Merino Sock skein + dye-slopped counters!! These are true one-of-a-kind skeins, created by whatever didn’t quite make it into the dye pot!!

To shop, you can look under NEW or go to the separate yarn base pages. And as usual, here’s the thumbnails of today’s pretties!!

First up, our regular base line-up for today…

Next Up, Chaos Mop-Its!!

Thoidly, Stained Fingers Goodness!!!

An’ Lastly, Bookhou bags & pouches!!!!

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0022 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0028 DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0017 DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0040


There is more stuff, but we’ll save that fer later. Okay, have Fun!!!


Come work with us…

Indigodragonfly is hiring!  Interested in working with us? We have 2 new positions available. One here in our studio. One position that has some flexibility…


Seeking a part-time administrative assistant to work with us at our home studio in Haliburton County and/or remotely, helping with all administrative aspects of running our small business, including marketing, graphic design, customer service and general office work.

Full Job Description

Assistant Studio Minion

Seeking: part-time studio assistant to work with us at our home studio in Haliburton County, helping with all aspects of running our small business, including assisting with dyeing yarn, preparing yarn for market, packing and shipping and general studio tasks.

Full Job Description

Applicants are encouraged to also apply for both positions if interested, as jobs can be combined.

Candidates should email a cover letter and resume (PDF please) to: orders@indigodragonfly.ca  by September 12, 2014 at 5 pm.

Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

No phone calls, drop-ins or mailed packages please.

Did I Mention We’re 5?

And because of this, we have a number of special things happening this year.

Tomorrow we will hold our 5th Annual Highlands Fibre Fling (details, maps, etc at the link) to celebrate our 5th Anniversary.

We hope to see many of you here tomorrow!  We will be introducing two new items, but for those just too far to come and see us, these will also be available for sale online.

The first:

Kate Atherley’s incredible Rosetta Tharpe Shawl.  Shall we take another look at this incredible piece?

WiseHilda (6 of 23)


Kits will be available in ÜberMerGoat Sport and SuperBaa DK here on our website as soon as the event starts tomorrow (11 am Eastern)

The second:


Wanna see? These were an exercise in seeing how many different ways we could include the number 5.



Each package contains 5 things for $55 (approximately 15% off the total retail value of all items combined):
- a logo project bag
- buttons made by local ceramic artist Charlene McConnell (style, shape and colour will vary from package to package)
- Mini Soaks (Soak Wash - scents will vary)
- stitch markers from Jenny Any Dots (colours will vary)
- and 1 skein of CaribouaBaa in a very special Anniversary colour way: Cinco de MINE!


Cinco de MINE cariboubaa

Cinco de MINE is made up of 5 of our favourite indigodragonfly colourways (see if you can guess which ones) and is dyed in the same way as Beige…with slightly longer colour repeats.  At this time, this will be the only way to get this colour way.

Bonus: a discount card for your next online purchase at http://indigodragonfly.ca/shop

The Anniversary packages will be available here starting at 11 am on Saturday August 16, 2014.




Rosetta Tharpe

Kate has ideas. Often caffeine induced. Usually brilliant. And always ones that make me jump up and down, shouting “me! Me! ME!!! I want to dye for that!”

This is one of those projects.

Introducing Rosetta Tharpe: a pi shawl that requires only the most basic knitting skills, makes you look like the smartest knitter on the planet and results in an easy to wear (really) wrap.

WiseHilda (5 of 23)

I love the many ways of wearing this.  Draped this way, it’s like a very elegant superhero cape.

WiseHilda (9 of 23)


And it sits perfectly there on your shoulders while you go on with your day, doing ordinary things, thinking about saving the world in your free time.

Or fold it in half, and wrap it around yourself.

WiseHilda (6 of 23)  WiseHilda (12 of 23)

It feels like your favourite blankie, but looks sophisticated and elegant.

(all photos: Gillian Martin)

Kate is tiny. I am not. This shawl, in this size, fits us both beautifully. (Yes, we also tried on people who are not shorter than a Maxi dress and it worked equally well on them)

The pattern is available on Ravelry now.  And starting on Saturday August 16, 2014, we will have kits available in a variety of colours for you.  You can purchase them at our Highland Fibre Fling event at the studio on Saturday or purchase online and we will ship yours directly to you.

Kits will be available here, starting at 11 am Eastern on August 16.

Kits will include:
- Rosetta Tharpe pattern (your choice of hard copy or PDF)
- 4 skeins of ÜberMerGoat Sport (70% superwash merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon) or SuperBaa DK (100% superwash merino)

Orders will be filled and shipped in the order in which they come in (within 1-3 weeks)

Highland Fibre Fling – 5th Anniversary Celebration!

Come join us for our 5th Annual Highland Fibre Fling — the day every summer when Indigodragonfly opens up the house and studio to all fibre enthusiasts.

IMG_1768   IMG_1769

It’s our favourite day of the year, started 5 years ago when Ron said “You know what would be fun?…” Every year on the third Saturday in August we open up our doors, bring out all the yarn, fibre and other goodies, fire up the BBQ and ask you to come and join us for the day. It’s a wonderful day of yarn, knitting, crochet, spinning, food, dyeing demos and the occasional piñata.

CustomFit measurement/consultation services! 

We are now a CustomFit LYS, so will be offering a measurement service/consultation/pattern package at the Fling.  Let us help you on your way to making your perfect sweater.

This year is extra special, because this day will also mark our fifth anniversary. Five years of colour, fun, fibre and laughter! So expect some extra surprises.

5th Annual Highland Fibre Fling

August 16, 11 am to 4 pm

Indigodragonfly Studio

1932 Kennisis Lake Rd, 2 minutes outside of West Guilford Ontario (in Haliburton County)

3 hours from Toronto, 4 hours from Ottawa, 2.5 hours from North Bay

Google Map of Studio Location  (Please do not try to google the address! Use this map instead)

questions? Need more information? email us: orders@indigodragonfly.ca

Payment accepted: cash, credit cards, Paypal

Accommodation information




Just In Case You Missed It….

…the remainder of the May/June Sweater Club extra skeins have gone on sale to the masses!! They are all listed on the Special Edition section of the Sale page on our website, and you’ll also run across the odd older Special Edition skeins that are hanging around (probably for the free room & board), so feel free to check out these one-of-a-kind goodies, already to roll!! And if you’re a regular SAK Club member, any purchases put through up to & including this Friday (August 1/14) are also eligible for shipping with your Club packages!!

Okay, so for a short cut, the Special Edition page is here: http://www.indigodragonfly.ca/product-category/yarn-2/special-edition/

If you haven’t yet, Enjoy!!!