Yarn Update: July 9/14!!


Okay, so it’s time for more yarn goodness!! On the menu today is a fine assortment of MerGoat Sock yarn, a platter o’ Merino Silk 4-Ply Sock, and three Blue Plate Specials: SuperBaa DK, SuperBaa Worsted and Humpspun Sport!! As mentioned a few days ago on Ravelry, The SuperBaa DK & SuperBaa Worsted are 100% super wash merino, and are taking place of the old Superwash DK & Superwash Worsted yarn. They have better yardage (240 yds and 220 yds/115 g respectively), are waaaaaayyyy more soft & squishy, and are taking/holding colour a lot better! The Humpspun Sport is a 70% silk/30% camel blend, 350 yds/115g per skein, super soft and with a lovely halo! And as an added bonus, we’ve decided to unleash on you the unsuspecting masses a new gaggle of Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom pouch kits, as well as a new accessory, the C&CMZSoD Superhero/Supervillain Cape & Mask kit!! Squirrel kits & cape/mask kits can be found on the KITS page of the SHOP main page!!

To Order, go to the SHOP page and select NEW products – that should bring up  all of today’s goodies! Here’s a photo spread of today’s stuff, so kick back and Enjoy!!


Yarn Update: June 27/14


Okay, before we start, I just wanna warn ya: THIS IS A BIG HONKIN’ UPDATE!!!

On today’s menu, we’re adding two hundred skeins to the online inventory, a whole smatterin’ of lace, sock & sport weights, with more than a few Special Editions thrown in fed goodly measure!

As promised, today’s update is the online premiere of Uber MerGoat Sport!! UMGS is 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Cashmere & 10% Nylon, 260 yds/115g per skein, and is softer than a possum’s underbelly!!! (Note to self: check on Wikipedia for actual softness of possum belly fuzz…)

Okay, so the selling thing: click on the SHOP page, and if you choose NEW, this’ll bring up all of today’s goodies, then click away until yer fingerprints are worn off!! Don’t worry about this; we won’t tell the Feds.

And as usual, here’s the close-ups of today’s goodness.



Yarn Update May 7!!


Okay, so here’s a bunch o’ new goodies, including some yarn bases that we haven’t regularly featured in quite some time. Enjoy!

To order, the easiest way is to click on shop and click on NEW. If the internets gods are working, today’s stuff should be under there! And as a taster, here’s the thumbnails of today’s goodies.

Happy Hunting!



Three more sleeps to the Downtown Knit Collective’s Knitter’s Frolic!

And so begins our annual tradition of giving you some hints about what you’ll see in our booth.

New Yarns

We’ll have a number of favourites on hand:

MerGoat Lace (formerly MCN Lace)
Merino Single Lace
Linen Silk
Seacell Silk

Merino Sock
Merino Nylon Sock
MerGoat Sock (formerly MCN Sock)
Merino Silk 4 ply Sock


MerGoat Worsted

We will also be introducing a number of new yarns at the Frolic.

CaribouBaa: sock weight, 4 ply yarn. Very smooth and sleek, so excellent for colour work, cables/twisted stitches and lace. It’s my new favourite “go to” yarn. It takes colour like a dream. You’ve seen it online, but this will be the first big public appearance for this base.



Note the slight sheen and sleek look of this yarn. Perfect in these brand new Sherlock-inspired colours, isn’t it? (Yes. We did.)

Über MerGoat Sport: 70% merino/20% cashmere/10% nylon — this yarn is like knitting with sunshine and kittens. It’s strong and makes a beautiful, solid fabric. But with a lovely halo and incredible drape. It’s at the heavy end of the sport scale, so knits well at both a sport and a DK weight.


Here it is in action…spun from sunshine and the souls of teeny tiny kittens.


SuperBaa DK and Worsted: We felt our regular superwash merino DK and worsted just weren’t special enough. So we’ve ones that are. They are springy and full with a soft finish. You’ll want to curl up with them and not let go.

DSC_0005 SW superbaa DK

Humpspun Sport: 70% silk/30% camel in a loosely spun 2 ply yarn. The yardage (350 yds per skein) would make you think it’s sock/fingering weight, but it really behaves like a sport weight.


Come feel up the shawl sample that Keri has knit with it. It’s really an incredible yarn.



A Taste of New Colours

Sherlock, Yarn Hunger Games, Battlestar, Ron’s whirlwind of a crazy brain…come and see all the new colours we’ve come up with this spring.  Here are a few to whet your appetite




The MerGoat Has Landed!!!


Every now and then, Nature has a funny way of bringing together things that one might not consider to be complimentary. Shark and Remora, Clownfish and Anemone, Cupcakes and Bacon. Odd, isn’t it?

Well, you can add one more to the list.

Introducing: the MerGoat!!!

Yes, this not-so-mythical critter is the logical-esque mash-up of a Mermaid and a Goat. MerGoats used to roam and frolic in the indigodragonfly lakes & ponds of days past, but they were given the uninspiring label of MCN.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the MCN has left the building.

Ove the next little while, the MCN that’s still on-line and was part of previous store orders will be phasing out. The MerGoat is still the same great yarn base as MCN, only now with 93.7% more personality! Also, the Ultra MCN is henceforth known as: Über MerGoat!!!

More exciting news: this weekend’s Knitters Frolic show in Toronto will be the official launch of the all-new yarn base Über MerGoat Sport!! Come pet & squeeze this new addition to the indigodragonfly yarn family – it is 70% Merino Wool, 20% Cashmere & 10% Nylon, and has been described as knitting with Sunshine & Kittens!!

Okay, that’s aboot it for now! Look for the MerGoat to land soon on our website, and see y’all at the Frolic!!


Creation and Collaboration

I’m very lucky. My work is something I also love to do. Something creative and artistic.

But creative careers can carry a cloud of illusion. A well-known Canadian artist once said to me that 90% of his work life is boring.  The flash of the idea and the excitement of mapping out where that’s going to go is 10%. The execution, filling in all the bits and pieces, promoting the work, travelling for the work and all the other day by day pieces that make the 10% possible are mostly boring.

My art college students have gotten that line from me more than once. It’s not a popular concept when all you want to do is be in your studio creating.

We’re in the midst of heavy production at the moment, which really means dyeing the same colours over and over again in multiple bases. There are entire days when we don’t see more than one colour pass through our hands. And I think the yarn knows when I’m bored. I think it shows very clearly. So I struggle with trying to stay creative and inspired. I have a boatload of tricks and triggers to keep me going. But nothing works better than collaboration.

In the middle of one of these crazy dyeing days, an old friend and collaborator literally arrived on my doorstep. We’ve emailed in recent years, but I think the last time we saw each other was in the last century, so to say it was a surprise to see him is quite possibly the understatement of my lifetime.

Phil is a clockmaker. His day to day life involved restoring and building traditional clocks. But his heart is in this work.  All those pieces are made by hand, and made to work in amazing ways.  There is film of them in action. It makes me look at time entirely differently.

Way back in my first artistic life, Phil and I worked together on a number of pieces. We shared a sketchbook that we would hand back and forth and fill with sketches and ideas until we found one that clicked. I have distinct memories of standing outside on the pavement and sketching out our collaborations in chalk on the driveway. We finished each other’s lines and curves like others finish each others sentences. He worked in metal. I worked in textiles. He worked in form. I worked in texture. And we’d combine these materials and ideas, overlapping and overflowing into each other in ways I’m incredibly proud of.

This pedestal and vessel still lives at my parents house. So many details I still find in it that make me keep looking.

This is a 3 panel screen. The middle panel balances on the two sides, allowing you to change the angle of each piece.

This mirror

So many lessons from that time. Like hours and days and weeks learning how to bend iron with fire and wondering why I couldn’t make it bend like Phil’s careful, balanced, mathematically sound curves. And then learning he was trying to mimic my organic, twisty, wavy, viney things. I still see evidence of those lessons and those attempts to stretch and grow in both our work.  The mutual appreciation also.

After this visit, I’m inspired and taken back to a time when I made time for playing and learning and exploring. Time for working with other artists in ways that challenged each other, yet let us shine in our own ways. Time for creating more beautiful things to put out into the world, without thinking about whether that pattern or colour or idea will sell or whether anyone will even like it.

And I’ve decided there will be more of those. That even if it’s tiny moments of it, there will be time for sharing ideas and riffing off of each other. For admiring what’s beautiful in what you do and making what I do enhance and work with yours. I’ll be here waiting to hear your ideas. And I’ll be braver about reaching out to you with mine.



Yarn Update: Hungry Hungry Games!


Okay, so there has been suggestions out there amongst the internets that there just might possibly be a wee bit o’ interest in having some Hunger Games yarns. Luckily we at indigodragonfly have backbones of steel and do not bend to the Winds of Desire….at least for a day or two.

Okay, so here ya have it, a bunch o’ HG colourways – and remember, only one person from each District can place an order!

Oh yes, an’ just for funnies & becuz we can, there’s a few Turkeys & Reaverdancers tagging along for the ride!

To order, you can shop by base, weight or fibre, or go to the NEW page and Gods willing they show up individually. An’ as usual, here’s the teaser pics:


Enjoy, and may the stoutest tribute kick stash!!!


Sweater Club Sign Ups are open!

Sweater Club 2014 is now closed for new memberships.  Thank you everyone.

To be informed when sign ups for the next round open, please join our mailing list.

Full payment sign ups are here.

Full Club information is here.

Monthly Payment Option: If you wish to pay for your Club membership in 6 monthly instalments, please email orders AT indigodragonfly.ca with your location, size and package preference (Merino, Luxury, etc). We will send you a personalized sign up link.

Please note, there are no monthly payment options for Safety Skeins or Swatching Skeins

Monthly Payment Pricing:
Find your size and package preference on this chart to find out what your monthly payments BEFORE shipping will be. A shipping fee of $10-11 per month and any applicable taxes (Canada) will be added to your monthly payment at sign up. Note: Addresses outside North America may be subject to an additional shipping fee. We will clear that fee with you at sign up.

 Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.43.55 AM

Purchase of this item assumes that you agree to the following terms:

You must ensure that your mailing address in Paypal is correct. If you move at any point between April 2, 2014 and February 15, 2015, please inform us of your address change as soon as possible by emailing us with your new address.  We must have your new address at least 15 days prior to a Club shipment to ensure it is sent to the correct address. Club shipment dates will be announced approximately 1 month in advance

There are no returns on Club memberships. 

You assume responsibility for packages delivered to the wrong address IF: your address is incorrect in Paypal, you have sent us the wrong address by email or if you have not given us sufficient notice (minimum 15 days prior to a Club shipment date) to change your address in our system.  

Let us show you the (sweater club) yarn…

Many of you are gearing up towards Sweater Club sign ups next Wednesday, April 2. Because there’s so much interest and because we want to make sure everyone has a chance to nab a spot, we’ll be offering 2 waves of sign ups.

Half the spots will go up for sale at noon eastern on April 2.

The other half will go up at 9 pm eastern on April 2.

Links to help you get there will be right here, in this space at those times.

Since some of the yarns we’re offering as part of the Club are brand new, I thought I’d introduce them all to you and tell you why we’ve chosen them.

Basic Merino

SC merino

These yarns are all 100% superwash merino. They suck up colour in ways that make me love them so much. In fact, if we’re testing new colours, it’s bases like these we reach for first. They tell us so much about how multi-tonal our colours can be. They give us richness and depth. 

SC merino sock

Merino Sock is often overlooked as it’s a bit rough in the skein. But after a good soak and some love and care, it develops a lovely little halo. It’s my absolute favourite of our yarns, for its softness and ability to take and play with colour.  The texture it creates with its two plies makes a beautiful fabric.


SW superbaa DK     DSC_0005

SuperBaa DK and SuperBaa Worsted are new kids on the block. In fact, up until 5 minutes ago, they were nameless! (and now we’re picturing mascots with capes and phone booths…) We wanted something a little bit…more than our standard superwash DK and worsted yarns. And we found it! These use the same merino as merino sock and with a 4 ply texture, make a lovely round yarn with great stitch definition. They are bouncy and springy and soft. We can’t wait for you to meet them.



These yarns are a little more special, with silks and cashmere blended in with merino. These are yarns I wear every day, but can also be used to make that special piece you wear to dress up.

DSC_0008Merino Silk 4 ply Sock is a favourite amongst designers. You think it’s all shiny and delicate, but in reality this yarn can take anything you throw at it. Lace? Definitely. Textured stitches? Absolutely. Miles of stockinette? In a heartbeat. And it wears beautifully. This was the yarn I used for my wedding sweater. People who don’t knit STILL talk about it.

DSC_0009Über MerGoat Sport is spun from sunshine and kittens. SUNSHINE and fluffy fluffy cuddly souls of tiny baby KITTENS.  It’s on the heavier side of sport, and works up as nicely at a DK gauge. You feel the strength of this yarn…the solidness of the merino underneath, but then there is just the softest, warmest, sweetest haze over it.

DSC_0011MCS Worsted combines the best of the above two yarns into a lovely heavy worsted weight yarn that is smooth, soft and has just the tiniest bit of sheen to it.  The silk adds strength and drape.  And colour? Exquisite.




This set of yarns combines the best of all worlds with a mixture of bases in lighter weights (sock, DK and sport) for those who prefer light sweaters.

SC mergoat sockMerGoat Sock (formerly MCN Sock) is a merino/cashmere/nylon blend that is soft, warm and wears very well. The more you wash it, the more the halo of the cashmere comes out.



sc ms dkMerino Silk DK makes everything better. It makes a beautiful fabric, that doesn’t grow and grow and grow as silk is famous for doing. The structure and twist keep it in line. There’s just enough shine to make this a special yarn to wear, yet knit in the right style, it’s the perfect casual “just throw it on” layer.


sc octobaaOctoBaa is 8 plies of awesome.  Four strands of 2 ply yarn spun together give it a unique texture and feel. You’ve never felt a yarn quite like this one and the fabric it produces is truly unique.  An amazing, workhorse yarn.


The First Rule of Sweater Club…

Introducing the first ever indigodragonfly sweater club! 

Sweater Club Details

Sign ups will begin April 2 right here.

Half of the spots will go up for sale at noon Eastern, the rest will go up at 9 pm Eastern.

What you will receive:

  • 3 shipments – May, September, January
  • 3 yarn bases (1 per shipment in a sweater amount for your size)
  • Custom Fit patterns and recipes
  • One of a kind colours that are yours alone

Choose from 3 different package options filled with our favourite sweater yarns. Choose your package. Choose your size. Choose your payment option. Add in swatching skeins and safety skeins.

Everything you need to make a year’s worth of totally unique sweaters!

Learn more about the yarns here.

Basic Merino

  • Merino Sock
  • A new superwash DK yarn (to be named)
  • A new superwash Worsted yarn (to be named)


Light Mix

Choose as you go.  With this option, about 1-2 months before every shipment, you’ll be sent an email asking you about yarn choices for your next package. You will choose between the 3 bases we’ll be dyeing for the next shipment. These will generally the same weight. (i.e.: All sock yarns, all mid-weight yarns, all worsted/mid-weight)
As the Light Mix package obviously doesn’t have a worsted weight option,  one of the mid-weight yarns will be substituted here.

There will be a “Default” choice. If we haven’t heard back from you by the assigned deadline (in the choices email), you will be sent the “default” yarn. By signing up for the SWITCH! Package, you agree to this condition.

Each package will include a Custom Fit pattern code and a Custom Fit recipe


Swatching Skeins: receive swatching skeins (25g skeins) for each of your yarn bases in your first package

Safety Skeins: add an extra skein in any of your chosen yarn bases to make extra sure you have enough. (note: you will also have the option of adding a safety skein before each package is sent.


Note: if your size is not on this chart, please contact us and we will put together a package quote for you. Not sure which size to choose? Read this post for help.

Full Payment (excluding shipping – shipping will be incorporated into the full payment amount when the Club goes live):
10% discount off of retail cost of each package.

Sweater Club sizing chart

Monthly Payments (6 monthly payments – excluding shipping. Shipping will be incorporated into the monthly payments when the Club goes live):
includes an admin fee to cover extra paypal fees and administrative time associated with managing monthly payments

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.43.55 AM

US & Canada – $54 (size F: $61) for full year of shipping, flat rate, trackable package

International – Please email us with your size and country for a shipping quote. Rate range from $54 – $108+ for the full year of shipping

Note: Sweater Club shipments can not be combined with any other yarn purchases at this time. We’ve negotiated a flat rate with tracking for these packages and any additions will change the shipping rate significantly.

Join us in our Ravelry Group for discussion about this exciting new venture.