Knitalong with the Minions!

Mmmmmwaa ha haaaaa, baanaanaaaaaa!  The minions are organizing a knitalong! Head on over to the Indigodragonfly discussion page on to join in!  There’s a brand new colour just for this event!  The photo is below!  We love exclamation marks!!


Darby and K8

Blue Suede Ewe

Blue Suede Ewe

Minion Caption Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions - we had a great time reading through them while munching on chocolate covered coffee beans and bananas.  You’d be surprised how close some of them came to revealing the truth about what goes on in the studio!

We’re thrilled to announce that the winner is…



Geeka will be receiving this glamourous, minion-themed prize pack:

prize pack 1

ps – there’s a minion-led Knit Along coming up asap, mmmmmwaaa ha haaaaaaaa! Keep an eye on this space and the Indigodragonfly Ravelry discussion boards for more info!

2014: When It All Got Bigger…and a contest.

2014 is when things started getting a little…big. It was the 5th year of the Smart-Ass Knitters/World Domination Club, with patterns from Fiona Ellis, Amy Christoffers, Thea Colman, Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, Stephannie Tallent and Andi Smith.  So far.

And the first year of our Sweater Club, which sold out in a shockingly fast 18 minutes.

Louie started earning his keep as marketing director

Darby created mascots for some of our yarn bases…


Kim designed some stuff.

 DSC_0003 - Version 2DSC_0519DOP hood look down sm


Dye Camp got bigger, expanding from 2 sessions to 3 sold out sessions.

IMG_3370 IMG_3360 IMG_3316 IMG_3101 IMG_3016

We held our 5th Annual Highlands Fibre Fling (our studio Open House) to celebrate our 5th year in business, and despite pouring rain, it was our best attended one ever!


We even created a 5th Anniversary yarn colour, made up of 5 of our most popular semi-solid colours.


Things got a little crowded in our home studio.


So we bought a studio.

IMG_3500    IMG_1634 IMG_1637

Now work is work, and home is home.  And yarn lives in both places.

We travelled, and brought the yarn with us:

IMG_3599 IMG_3564

And we decided that minions are the best thing ever.

Look at how happy and normal they look…


Don’t be fooled.


(K8 and Darby are running a caption contest for this photo.  To enter, leave your caption in the comments and when the studio reopens, we’ll announce the winner who will receive a Sooper Special Minion Prize pack. Contest closes January 5 at 11 pm Eastern)

In Which We Show You all the Giftapalooza 2014 Yarn

And without further ado, welcome to the 2014 edition of the Giftapalooza Reveal.  AKA: how we spent half of November elbow deep in yum. ;) As always, this a post fraught with spoilers…photos…we are going to tell all the secrets.

If you’re still trying to avoid spoilers, please do not venture further.


Have we lied to you yet??

Reservoir Nogs
Reservoir Nogs

Boxing Day: It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Tequila, Cousteau's A Christmas Coral, Light The Leg Not The Lamp!, Ralphie's Eye
(l-r) Boxing Day: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Tequila, Cousteau’s A Christmas Coral, Light The Leg, Not The Lamp!, Ralphie’s Eye

Doctor Whoville
Doctor Whoville
A Charlie Browncoat Christmas, Drumstyx, Frozo The Winter Clown, A Kringle In Time
(l-r) A Charlie Browncoat Christmas, Drumstyx, Frozo The Winter Clown, A Kringle In Time Hearthritis, Bumblefish
(l-r) Hearthritis, Bumblefish

Rudolph Lundgren, The Turkey Fairy Cometh, Olaf 1 Frosty -35
(l-r) Rudolph Lundgren, The Turkey Fairy Cometh, Olaf 1, Frosty -35

Brrr....Argh...., Presents Of Mind, Peas On Earth
(l-r) Brrr….Argh…., Presents Of Mind, Peas On Earth

Harry Blotto And The Half-Bagged Prince, Stockingjay
(l-r) Harry Blotto And The Half-Bagged Prince, Stockingjay


Presents Of Mind, A Wreath Of Franklin
(l-r) Presents Of Mind A Wreath Of Franklin

North By North Pole
North By North Pole

Ramsay's Turkey Nightmares, Plumberbatch - Best Present Ever!
(l-r) Ramsay’s Turkey Nightmares, Plumberbatch – Best Present Ever!

2 Minutes For Stuffing, Sidney Clausby, Hunting High And Merlot
(l-r) 2 Minutes For Stuffing, Sidney Clausby, Hunting High And Merlot

Made Ya Grinch!
Made Ya Grinch!

Coal Miner's Stocking, I Will Cranberry You!, Streggnog
(l-r) Coal Miner’s Stocking, I Will Cranberry You!, Streggnog

Five Golden Rings To Rule Them All, Grimm The Tree
(l-r) Five Golden Rings To Rule Them All, Grimm The Tree

Super Noma, Grrr....Argh....Nog...., Not A Puppy
(l-r) Super Noma, Grrr….Argh….Nog…., Not A Puppy
Frosty Flakes, In A Grinch, The Turkey Fairy Cometh
(l-r) Frosty Flakes, In A Grinch, The Turkey Fairy Cometh

Actually It's John F. Frost, Elf Insurance, Djingle Unskeined
(l-r) Actually, It’s John F. Frost, Elf Insurance, Djingle Unskeined
8 Droogs A Molokin'
8 Droogs A Molokin’
Reavin' On A Jet Plane, Ten Reavers Reavin'
(l-r) Reavin’ On A Jet Plane, Ten Reavers Reavin’
Diners Drive-Ins And Dashers, Wolf Blitzen
(l-r) Diners, Drive-Ins And Dashers, Wolf Blitzen
Scornament, Buffy The Reindeer Sleigher
(l-r) Scornament, Buffy The Reindeer Sleigher
Drumstickenhooven, Buffy's Holiday Party: Who Punched The Spike?, Snow Trek 2: The Wreath Of Khan
(l-r) Drumstickenhooven, Buffy’s Holiday Party: Who Punched The Spike?, Snow Trek 2: The Wreath Of Khan Frankincense And Frankincensibility, Tinsellectomy, Frosty Bite
(l-r) Frankincense And Frankincensibility, Tinsellectomy, Frosty Bite

We did our best to get ‘em all (& there are a few duplicates but they were super-stoked to have their pictures taken so we couldn’t say no), but if we did miss any let us know & they’ll be added to the ménage à froid!


I haven’t been feeling the holiday spirit this year. At all. Which is very unusual for me. I love this time of year. Time with family and friends. I fall completely for the spirit of it.

But for a number of reasons and huge sweeping changes, the things I look forward to are just not happening this year. So finding the spirt of the holidays has been non-existent.

When I was growing up, my family had a tradition of all going together to get our tree. Whether we went to a tree farm to cut it down, or drove to a market, or walked uphill in a blizzard, all bundled up and dragging a sled with my baby brother in tow, it was a family tradition.

Decorating it was also tradition. My dad was in charge of lights, which he made out to be a deeply complicated process of testing bulbs and making sure reflectors were in place. And then we placed the ornaments. Some bought. Many made in school by my brother and I. (Let’s just say that Dallington Public School’s spray painted Christmas ornament tradition has had its part in the destruction of the ozone layer) Wax ornaments from Germany. Needleworked ones by both parents. The special ones that belonged to each of us. They all have their stories, and we told them to each other again every year.

When I moved out, I didn’t have a tree. Living alone it always seemed like too much work. A lot of effort for something I was never home to see.

This year I was feeling this way again. But we had talked about it, and I asked Ron what he wanted to do. Now we have a property will lots of trees that need to be weeded out, so our “tree farm” is our back yard.

Ron came back with this:


Please note that our living room ceiling is 2 stories high.

Last night we decorated. As we do every year, brought the box of ornaments up from the basement. Settled the tree. Strung the lights. Pulled out the ornaments and put them on the tree.

The ones we brought into our marriage from our old lives:

IMG_1823 IMG_1789

(OK, not the dinosaur.  What…you don’t have a 16″ stuffed dino on your tree?)

The ones made by friends:


The crazy stuff that made it on that first tree that Ron had driven 13 miles to our downtown Toronto apartment:


The ones with inside jokes:


The ones that look very familiar…

IMG_1813 img_5405

(Do you see it? Also: the penguin has as many books under his arm as Ron carries with him everywhere)

And the goofy ones we find in our travels:


(Oh come on.  Tell me YOU don’t have a prison chicken/possibly penguin on your tree…)

As each one went on the tree, I remembered where we were when we found it. How we decided it was coming to live with us. The crazy names Ron gives each one. And the tree was no longer just a tree.  Just a thing we do every year because it’s tradition. It’s a living, growing monument to us.  To my new family. To the life we’re building together.

And the spirit is back.

So someone…please…when I moan about not feeling the holiday spirit next year? Tell Ron to go out and get the damn tree.


However you choose to celebrate tomorrow…or not celebrate…please accept our best wishes for your health and happiness for the next year.




Yarn Update – November 20, 2014

The last of the goodness, squirrelled away over the past few months, is now up for grabs! To shop, you can select the NEW category from the main SHOP page, and you can also click on the thumbnail photos below for more info on them.

Also, new inventories of many existing colourways/yarn bases that have been previously for sale but subsequently sold out have been updated, so check out all the bases for goodies that have just resurfaced! And as an added bonus, several newly-named Mutant Zombie Squirrel Kits have be unearthed, which can be found on the KITS page from the main SHOP page!!

And here’s today’s yarn gallery, so have fun!!!

Giftapalooza 2014!

Already know about Giftapalooza? Sign up now:  Individual Skeins (any amount)   Giftapalooza Sweater Club

What is Giftapalooza?

Giftapalooza is our annual tradition of sharing the knitterly love:

Give a gift. Get a gift.

Sign up for the gift you wish to receive, throw your name in the hat and let us do the rest. You’ll be matched with a “partner”, and in December, the season of stress and insanity, you’ll receive your chosen gift from your partner. Exactly the gift you want. But with a small element of surprise.

See? It’s not buying more yarn for YOU. It’s someone else buying it as a gift to you. ;)

Order as much of each base as you like, choosing to have all skeins (in one base) in the same colour, or in different colours.

In Giftapalooza tradition, all colourways will be one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable colours.  You will have some control over colour choices, but leave the rest to us and the dyepot magic.

What yarns???
1) CaribouBaa
2) Merino Silk DK
3) Über MerGoat Sport
4) Seacell Silk    
5) Mystery Yarn Base – This one will be a complete surprise. It will be a fingering weight base, with approximately 400 yds per 100 g. It will contain animal fibres.

What else?
CustomFit Sweater Option! We will offer a Sweater Kit option that will include:

  • enough yarn to make a sweater in your size, in your choice of the above yarn bases
  • a CustomFit pattern code (for you, or to share with a friend)
  • a coupon code for use in Kim’s Ravelry pattern shop. Redeem for one of her CustomFit recipes, or use it toward the pattern of your choice.

Think of this option as a “mini Sweater Club”. :)

Guide to choosing a size/yardage amounts for Sweater Clubs and Kits

Giftapalooza is not about the yarn.

That’s right. I said it.

It’s about the amazing community of people we have gathered around us.

So this is what we do –
after sign-ups have closed, we’ll be pairing you up with another Giftapaloozer to encourage one of our favourite things about indigodragonfly fans: community. If you wish, send your partner a holiday greeting of some kind. This can be as simple as a note or favourite recipe, or as complicated as getting your toddler to put to paper his/her interpretation of DaVinci’s greatest works. (No one is expected to spend money on this part…something simple from the heart, reaching out to another knitter at a stressful time of year is what we hope happens) And yet another person will be sending goodies to you. Spreading the love.

And the final tradition we’ve come to love? We will also be taking nominations for “sooper sekrit anonymous surprise packages” to be sent to people who deserve a little extra something this year.

Know someone who could use a little extra love this year? Nominate them by emailing us and tell us about them. We will let you know if your nominee has been chosen.

Sign ups start: November 12
Sign ups end: November 26 at 11 pm Eastern (or when all spaces are filled)
Packages ship: All packages ship in early December. PLEASE NOTE: Giftapalooza packages are sent separately from regularly-scheduled Club shipments, so please select the Regular Shipping option!
Partner assignments emailed: early December

Yarn Update: October 27, 2014!

Today’s goodies!!!

To order, check out the NEW page on the sale page, or click on the thumbnails of the pretties for more info.

Okay, Enjoy!!!

A dyer, a designer and a potter walk into a bar…

…and Troika happens!


Maybe I should back up.

Jennie came to us with a brilliant idea for a collaboration, and sent this box to Bristol and I:

JtP button box

Filled with button samples in different textures and glazes.

And collaboration began.  (Jennie joined us in card form)

IMG_2470 IMG_2472 IMG_2473

We chose a yarn base. And narrowed down the button glaze and texture choices. And then I went home and developed 2 colours to coordinate. Bristol went home and activated her design brilliance superpower.  And Jennie fired up the kiln and buttoned herself senseless.

Yarn: Sheepshifter DK  in 2 colourways, exclusive to this kit: Electroshark Therapy and Nailed It!

IMG_1159          IMG_1156

Buttons: Copper Bough (copper) and Heron Wood Turquoise (clay) by Jennie the Potter


Pattern: Troika by Bristol Ivy

DSC_0823 DSC_0874

Kits will be available at the Jennie the Potter booth at Rhinebeck, and here in our webshop starting at 9 am on Saturday October 18.  

Yarn Update Sept 4/14


A whole pile of new goodies today – ENJOY!!!

Bookhou bags are now in!!!

Stained Fingers skeins were created by our dye camp minions this past few months, an’ are their evil experiments!!

Chaos Mop-its are the result of Merino Sock skein + dye-slopped counters!! These are true one-of-a-kind skeins, created by whatever didn’t quite make it into the dye pot!!

To shop, you can look under NEW or go to the separate yarn base pages. And as usual, here’s the thumbnails of today’s pretties!!

First up, our regular base line-up for today…

Next Up, Chaos Mop-Its!!

Thoidly, Stained Fingers Goodness!!!

An’ Lastly, Bookhou bags & pouches!!!!

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 DSC_0006 DSC_0008 DSC_0011 DSC_0012 DSC_0014 DSC_0022 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0028 DSC_0030 DSC_0032 DSC_0034 DSC_0017 DSC_0036 DSC_0038 DSC_0040


There is more stuff, but we’ll save that fer later. Okay, have Fun!!!