Dminions Unhingj’d

Count with me: two TWO more sleeps till Frolic!

Last year we started a tradition with a special Frolic colourway. This year we continue…

Last we created a “cool” colour. This year? HOT!

We make fire!


Meet Dminions Unhingj’d. (like Django Unchained but with less Tarentino). Fiery colours dyed in 3″-5″ repeats. Making this ideal for Optical Delusion: Conflagration.  Combine it with a dark contrast, and Lemon Difficult would also be incredible!

We’ll have it available for sale for one day only, in booth 29 at the Frolic and on our website on Saturday April 30 ONLY, from 8:30 am to midnight Eastern. (No yarn will appear at that link until 8:30 am on Saturday. You can keep clicking. Yes you. But there will still be zero yarns at that link until the appointed time)

So what bases, you ask?  Wingenhooven, Socktobaa, Cariboubaa and Chameleon (pictured below):



Pretty, right?

Then as we were dyeing these, I had an idea. What would happen if we shifted some of the colours from pot to pot.

This, my friends, is a variegated gradient:

We call this the “Scorched Earth” edition.

Four coordinating mini skeins that gradually shift the colours from light to dark. Change the order you knit them in, and change the effect they create:

IMG_6357 IMG_6358

IMG_6359 IMG_6360

Can you imagine an Optical Delusion or a Lemon Difficult with colour shifting through from light to dark? Amazing!

This idea is so new and fresh, we’ve only had time to knit a small sample to show you what it does, knit from the lightest (tip of first flame) to the darkest (top):


These sets will be labeled “Scorched Earth Edition” and will also be for sale ONLY on Saturday April 30 in our booth at the Knitters Frolic, and on our website.


  1. Vicky Hathaway says:

    How can I order this? I’ve been all over the website and the links take me to Ravelry and other pages on this site but they are no shopping links I can find.

  2. I guess there is nothing left from this or similar yarn? I am looking anywhere for such beautiful colour mix but unsuccessful 🙁

    • Kim & Ron says:

      Hi Jenny:

      We don’t have any more skeins of Dminions Unhingj’d, but do have a few of the scorched earth kits still available if you are interested in one of those. Please email us at orders at


      studio minion

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